Heart problem for Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich), his career in danger?

Alphonso Davies suffers from myocarditis

The Bayern Munich will have to compose without Alphonso Davies for an indefinite period. Tested positive for Covid- and absent from training since January 7, the Canadian side was diagnosed as suffering from myocarditis. It was his coach Julian Nagelsmann who announced the news during a press conference held before this weekend’s Bundesliga match against FC Cologne:

“At Phonzy, yesterday, during the follow-up examination we carried out on each player infected with the Coronavirus, we found signs of mild myocarditis – i.e. myocarditis” explained the technician German.

A heart problem probably linked to Covid

A heart problem which should fortunately not affect the rest of his career. Indeed, myocarditis is a heart disease , often caused by a viral infection (like the Covid for example), which can be treated very well. Another proven origin of this inflammation of the myocardium is, in very rare cases, the injection of a dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

Julian Nagelsmann’s explanations on the subject also lend themselves to optimism:

“He is deprived of training until further notice. He will not be available in the next few weeks. This myocarditis is not so dramatic on ultrasound, but there are signs of myocarditis.Nevertheless, she needs to heal and it will definitely take some time “.

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