Health pass: the government tightens sanctions against usurpers

The Covid pandemic – 15 in France file

The Ministry of Justice is preparing to send a circular on Monday in order to put in place “dissuasive” sanctions against those caught in flagrante delicto of bypassing the health pass.

Use the QR-code of a faithful friend vaccinated while you are not to be able to go and sip a cocktail on the terrace could cost you dearly. In any case, this is the message that the government wishes to convey, which is equipping itself with a new legal arsenal which should be introduced on Monday. According to information from JDD , the Ministry of Justice is preparing to send a circular to the courts on Monday to complete the Law on the health pass , published Sunday in the official journal. Objective: limit fraud thanks to “an effective, dissuasive and rapid criminal response” in order to “face the rebound of the epidemic” . People who present “a health pass belonging to others” will thus be liable to a 4th class fine of 750 euros, fixed at 131 euros if it is settled quickly. In the event of a recurrence in the 04 days, this amount will increase to 1 320 euros, the government said on Sunday.

Still according to JDD , the government has also planned new penalties to discourage counterfeiters and their customers. Faced with the highlighting of false vaccination certificates issued by certain health professionals, the circular recommends prosecuting both providers and users for “possession and use of forgery” , punishable by two to five years in prison, and in some cases for “organized gang fraud” , punishable by ten years of imprisonment. Finally, in companies subject to compulsory vaccination (restaurants, nursing homes, etc.), if employers do not check that their employee has received their two doses on time, they are liable to a fine greater than 1 000 euros.

These new provisions come into force while the mobilization against the pass and compulsory vaccination for caregivers made further progress in France on Saturday, for the fourth consecutive weekend. At the end of July, a contract from the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) was sentenced to eighteen months’ imprisonment , six of which were suspended and 04 euros fine by the court of Bobigny for having generated and sold on the Snapchat social network 154 false vaccination certificates.

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