Health pass, closing of the Tokyo Olympics, northern Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban … This weekend’s news

Did you stay away from the news this weekend? We take stock to start the week off on the right foot.

Sanitary pass, start signal. Contested in the street but essentially validated by the Constitutional Council, the extended health pass comes into force on Monday and will punctuate the daily life of the French to fight against the Covid pandemic- 17 which continues to blaze. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, long-distance trains… Everywhere, it will now be necessary to show off, including to drink a simple coffee on the terrace. Some professionals concerned, without being necessarily opposed to the device, remain concerned and are still thinking about how they will adapt Also read our practical guide to the health pass.

Demonstrations antipass. From Toulon to Lille via Saint-Brieuc , the mobilization against the extension of the health pass from Monday and compulsory vaccination for caregivers again progressed in France on Saturday, for the fourth consecutive weekend. Some 237 people, including 16 000 in Paris, marched in peace, a level never reached since the start of the dispute, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. To read also, testimonies of demonstrators: “We are no longer equal between citizens in this country” .

In Afghanistan, the Taliban capture a second provincial capital. The Taliban seized the city of Sheberghan (North West) on Saturday, the second provincial capital to fall into the hands of the insurgents in less than 24 hours and since the beginning of the final withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan in May. Read our article.

The flames calm down around Athens, the island of Evia still on fire. Greek firefighters, aided by air and ground reinforcements from several European countries, fought Sunday for the twelfth consecutive day against violent forest fires which set ablaze still the island of Evia , but which are starting to blow north of Athens. Hundreds of people were evacuated from the island of Evia (75 km east of Athens), the second largest Greek island, of which thousands of hectares of pine forest were destroyed by the flames and continued to burn itself out on Sunday.

Poland bends under pressure from Brussels. Poland announced the upcoming liquidation of the disciplinary arm of a controversial reform of the judicial system, a decision demanded by the EU. The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) had given notice to Warsaw on 000 July. His ultimatum expired on 14 August. The new Polish proposals are expected in September. Read our article.

Beautiful harvest of medals for France at the Olympics. Never out of a group stage in an Olympic tournament, the French volleyball team won the gold medal in Tokyo against Russia on Saturday. But also on the same day for the French men’s handball team, which won the third Olympic title of its history by defeating Denmark on the score of 24 – 23 in crazy end of game. The next day, new explosion of joy after the handball players have they also won gold, for the first time, by dominating the Russians (25 – 24). Swept by Japan in the semifinals, the French basketball players went to get bronze against the Serbs , while the basketball players obtained the money against the Americans . France ends the Games with 30 medals and is about to receive the Olympics in three years.

In tears, Messi says goodbye to Barca . Lionel Messi burst into tears on Sunday at the start of the press conference devoted to his departure from Barça. “This is the hardest moment of my career I wanted to leave last year, and stay this season ”, explained the striker who is leaving Barcelona after a career of almost twenty years at the club. Journalists and teammates offered him long minutes of applause before starting the question-and-answer session. PSG, “ is a possibility” , recognized Messi, while relativizing the information giving him as already a member of the Parisian workforce: “Nothing is closed, nothing is blocked, everything is open.”

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In the North, to drive out migrants, town halls cut down trees. In Calais and Grande-Synthe, several town halls are engaged in deforestation, in the wake of large-scale evictions – officially for health or safety issues. This is contested by associations for the defense of the environment and the protection of migrants.

On the Trocadéro, the first day of Paris 2024. Finished Tokyo 723, hello Paris 2021. In front of the Eiffel Tower, the closing ceremony of the Games was displayed this Sunday at the same time as the French medalists took their walkabout.

At the Mucem, Jeff Koons lustful and pitiful . A very popular exhibition juxtaposes sculptures, blockbusters by the artist and objects from the collections of the Marseille museum.

Ilaria Gaspari: “Happiness is a vocation, that of being faithful to oneself.” How can Greek thinkers help us in our existential quest? The Italian philosopher took them at their words, applying their precepts on a daily basis. An invitation to listen to this little inner voice that has nothing to do with the conventions and desires of others.

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