Health experts warn about coronavirus Delta variant

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Transcript for Health experts warn about coronavirus Delta variant

This morning. Parts of the country are returning to pre pandemic activities the Foo Fighters playing the sold out concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden Sunday no social distancing. No masks part of the admission proof of vaccination. And in LA galaxy professional soccer team playing in front of a packed house 23000. Fans for the first time in a year. The stark difference to parts of the country under vaccinated Frontline workers C a cure that is attacking those who weren’t getting shot the foods and. I’m seeing now are eager young people who never believed they would get sick. Young pregnant women who are afraid of the vaccine. And not getting symptoms. Hypoxia and their babies are in danger. The CDC estimating pregnant women were less than half as likely to be fully vaccinated the non pregnant women as of early may. Health experts say vaccine hesitancy is to blame. Take a look at this map the darker regions show where vaccination rates are lowest highlighting much of the south and even parts of the west. I think the summertime is when we could see the emergence of two cove in nations that’s the big worry that I’m we’ll see this big disparity between north and south. Another growing issue the delta variant health officials say it’s now detected in nearly every state. Threatening communities to have a low vaccination rates the CDC estimating it already accounts for 10% of new cases in the US. And will become the dominant strain in the coming months. Just like last summer when we saw a surge in the south I think we could see that again because. Such a low percentage of the population is immunized at this point. And this morning the Department of Homeland Security extending its nonessential travel ban to Canada and Mexico. Now that ban applies to land and ferry crossings and it goes through July 21. Entered Ike thank you.

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{“duration”:”1:49″,”description”:”And as New York City rebounds, the Foo Fighters played to the first fully vaccinated crowd at Madison Square Garden. ABC News‘ Ike Ejiochi reports.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/WNN”,”id”:”78398639″,”title”:”Health experts warn about coronavirus Delta variant”,”url”:”″}

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