He deposits the loot into his account just after it is broken

Pixabay McRoberts Williams, 44 year , was arrested on Saturday 10 December after robbing a Wells Fargo bank in Wilmington, local police said in a release.

The suspect, mentally unstable, revealed to the police. be returned to Delaware “by boarding a freight train”. He also confided that “his mind currently controlled by a third party via an implant located somewhere in his body “. Toward 11 h 12, that day, the forty-something, originally from California, would have approached a cashier bank of 20 years old and gave him a note saying: “This is a theft, I need 86 dollars “, reports the Daily Mail. The banker allegedly explained to police that McRoberts Williams apologized before handing him the bill and taking the money. The suspect then fled the bank on foot with the facility’s emergency distress button activated.

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McRoberts Williams didn’t get very far since he stopped to drop his loot in an ATM not far from the bank he had just robbed. The suspect then continued on the run by hiding behind a shopping center, before being caught by police. The police did not recover any sum from the forties, but a bank card in his possession was seized. McRoberts Williams is charged with second degree theft. He was taken into custody on 6 bond. dollars, Delaware Police said.

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