Happy Birthday Charlize Theron, diva of yesteryear with a lonely heart

The latest images he has released on social media are of a threesome with his daughters Jackson and August in the sea of ​​Greece. She turns 46 August 7, is an Oscar-winning actress, producer and planetary sex symbol but apparently, after the end of the relationship with Sean Penn in 2015, no one has yet been able to win his heart back. An astonishing concentration of beauty, intelligence and glamor make the South African diva one of a kind. A difficult story behind her, an only child, was born in Benoni in South Africa on 7 August of 1975: as a child she witnessed the murder of her father, violent and alcoholic, at the hands of her mother (the police establish that it is self-defense). After those painful events, she is sent by her mother to Italy, where she participates in a competition for aspiring models, wins and begins her career in fashion: an unforgettable start as the protagonist of the Martini commercial with the dress that “unravels” leaving her behind uncovered ; moves to America to study dance, but an injury stops her and she flies to Los Angeles to become an actress, is noticed by an agent and debuts with a part in a horror movie in ’95. The boom comes in 97, when he shoots with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino “The Devil’s Advocate”, followed by “The legend of Bugger Vance” and “Men of honor. “. The Oscar comes in 2003, when to give the face to serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie “Monster” she transforms, greased and ugly.

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