Hand and volleyball on the top of Olympus, basketball just below

Tokyo Olympic Games 2021case

Outbursts and disappointments this Saturday in Tokyo. Here is the recap of the day and what to watch for Sunday, the final day of the Olympic Games.

The perfs of the day One was expected, the other is an achievement. TO 15 h 27 French time, the French handball players are mounted on Olympus. TO 16 h 45, the volleyball players joined them. For the former, it looks like a habit (Olympic champions in 2000 and in 2012, silver medalists in 2016) which we must measure what it means. For the latter, it is unprecedented. French volleyball had never come out of the group stages of an Olympic tournament.

Handball. A minute can sometimes seem like forever. The last one to train at Yoyogi Stadium this Saturday evening before the France team regained its throne (24 – 21 ), five years after having released it to the Danes in Rio, seemed never to end. Never since the fifth minute of the match had Denmark joined France to score. The Scandinavians, however, held an overtime ball in their hands. So the Blues put wood back on the barricades. What they did throughout the meeting. In fact, a tie at the end of regulation time would have been terrible, as the France team will have dominated its subject three quarters of the time.

Volleyball. It’s a page of history. It is also a story of survivors. The volleyball players of the France team offered their sport on Saturday at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo its first Olympic gold medal by dominating Russia in five sets (24 – 23 24 – 17 17 – 24 21 – 24 15 – 10). Came back out of nowhere, hard. In apotheosis of a badly embarked Olympic tournament and an adventure that could have ended before even starting. “It’s a beautiful fairy tale” , summarized on France Télévisions Laurent Tillie, who coached his last match on Saturday after a nine-year term at the head of the French selection. Read our report.


They did it, the Russians were back to 2 sets everywhere, the Blues never gave up! Bravo Gentlemen 🤩

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– francetvsport (@francetvsport) August 7, 2021 Disappointment ? Basket. Like in Sydney in 2000, the French basketball team stumbled on the American mountain, led by a masterful Kevin Durant in the final of the Tokyo Games. Without demerit and with an appetite for Paris, in three years. Without wanting to, perhaps the greatest shot that the United States has managed is to have made the Blues believe that they could be taken. Read the story of our special correspondent in Tokyo.

Consolation Basket. How were they going to react to the slap received the day before in the semi-final against the Japanese? The French basketball players quickly swept aside the doubts on Saturday in the Saitama Super Arena where they went to win the bronze medal against Serbia (87 – 75). ” It’s true that we failed yesterday but today we really wanted, but really, but really not to lose” , exulted the captain of the Bleues, Endy Miyem, at the microphone of France Televisions a few minutes after the end of the match. Read the match report.

🇫 🇷 Magnificent, the Bleues won the match for the bronze medal thanks to a recital against Serbia.

🥉 A remarkable performance with a prestigious success and above all a medal of well-deserved bronze.

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— francetvsport (@francetvsport) August 7, 2021 Track cycling. Benjamin Thomas s’ is consoled for his failure on Thursday in the Omnium race by winning with Donavan Grondin the bronze medal in the Madison race, won by Denmark on Saturday at the Izu velodrome. Thursday, Benjamin Thomas had missed in Omnium, the equivalent for the trackers of the “decathlon”. Double world champion, he had finished chocolate, just at the foot of the podium. Read the portrait of the cyclist by our special correspondent in Tokyo.

Program: in Tokyo, it’s already tomorrow (and it’s almost over) Friday 23 July – Sunday August 8. Here we are. The Tokyo Games, so badly embarked, postponed for a year, considered by a large part of Japanese public opinion as a potential incubator for a rebound in the pandemic , are coming to an end this Sunday.

Before the closing ceremony scheduled at 16 time (13 French hours) and the handover witness to the Paris delegation 2021 , the night owls will follow the marathon, which traditionally closes the Olympic athletics events. The long-distance race has been relocated to the northern island of Hokkaïdo in an attempt to escape the summer heat of Tokyo. It is difficult to see how gold could escape the Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge, defending champion.

In handball, the Battantes of Olivier Krumbholz will have the opportunity to imitate their male colleagues against Russia (kick-off at 8 a.m., French time).

The sides Embarrassing. The Italian police are investigating a nutritionist bodybuilder who worked until last March with the Olympic champion of 97 m, Italian Lamont Marcell Jacobs, revealed the British daily “The Times” on Saturday. At the heart of the investigations, a possible illegal distribution of anabolic steroids. The article does not target the double Tokyo Games gold medalist but feeds the questions.

Blows and injuries. Pentathlon in turmoil. The coach of the German team, Kim Raisner, was excluded from the Olympics for hitting the horse drawn by Annika Schleu on Friday. A slippage that throws a harsh light on a very particular discipline in the Olympic world. For the show jumping event, the athletes draw lots for the horse they are going to ride and are only allowed to ride it for twenty minutes before the event, a “unique challenge in the world of sport and it is one of the elements giving the modern pentathlon its particular character” . Read our article.

In the retro. American Nelly Korda won Olympic gold on Saturday at the Kamisugaseki Country Club golf course. She is the distant heir of Margaret Abbott, the first American to have won an Olympic champion title without ever knowing it. Our light on this anecdote which says a lot about the road traveled by women in the Olympic movement.

Table of medals France counts at this stage 27 medals including nine in gold (volleyball and handball players, karateka Steven Da Costa, the shooter Jean Quiquampoix, the French men’s foil team and the swordsman Romain Cannone in fencing, the mixed team and Clarisse Agbegnenou in judo and the duo Matthieu Androdias-Hugo Boucheron in rowing). She remains at the 10 e place of table, but is similar to Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

Added to it twelve silver medals (basketball players Kevin Mayer in the decathlon, swimmer Florent Manaudou, judokas Amandine Buchard, Sarah-Léonie Cysique and Madeleine Malonga, windsurfers Charline Picon and Thomas Goyard, the French women’s foil team and the French women’s saber team in fencing, the French rugby sevens team and the rowers Laura Tarantola and Claire Bové) and eleven in bronze (the basketball players, the sailors Camille Lecointre and Aloïse Retournaz in sailing, the duo of trackers Benjamin Thomas and Donavan Grondin in the madison and the team sprinters, the eventing riders, the judokas Teddy Riner, Romane Dicko and Luka Mkheidze, the mixed tria team thlon, taekwondist Althéa Laurin, fencer Manon Brunet).

Chronicle “in the Olympic bubble” In Tokyo for the Games, our special correspondent Romain Métairie tells the story of adventure within adventure. At 21 rd day, he undergoes a very random check and is offended with the handball players of the Japanese protocol.

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