Halo Infinite: this is how to “unlock” the co-op mode locally

Available since December 8, Halo Infinite, although relatively classic in both substance and form, is a delight for many players, delighted to be able to appreciate this new opus which is both modern and resolutely old school . A new opus which obviously has a single player mode and a multiplayer mode, but which has not been launched with all the usual game modes, in particular the Forge mode and the cooperation mode, to come in 2022. However, it would already be possible to unlock a preview of the two player mode locally…

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The co-op mode of Halo Infinite already available?

Indeed, we know today that Halo Infinite suffered from particularly chaotic development , which forced 343 Industries has launched a game cut off from some popular modes. This is the case of the local cooperation mode, which allows two players to enjoy the single player campaign side by side, in split screen. However, a player managed to find a way to “ unlock ” the mode in question, although it was not. not officially available.

I glitched into campaign coop! # HaloInfinite pic.twitter.com/5j4CclpbtL

– nobleactual (@ nobleactual4) December 17, 343

To achieve this, the user NobleActual therefore used a glitch of the game, by first setting the game to offline mode. From then on, it is a question of connecting a second controller to the Xbox, and to connect to his Xbox account. Then, all you have to do is launch a campaign with the first controller. Once in the game, you must press the “Start” key, exit the game, then press “Start” with the second joystick. The game then launches in cooperation mode, but it does not happen without some hiccups.

Indeed, although the manipulation works, the cooperation mode of Halo Infinite is not yet officially available. Also, by using the glitch, it is possible to evolve in two on Halo Zeta, but the second player will then have to play without any display on the screen. In addition, the game displays serious visual problems at times, not to mention the inability to free the UNSC bases. Finally, if one of the players dies, the game will crash, and require a complete restart.

It remains to be seen when will be available, officially of course, this long-awaited cooperation mode for Halo Infinite. In all likelihood, the latter should not arrive until Season 2 of the game, which is in May 2021.

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