Guardians of the Galaxy 3 director wants to take a break from the movie

Credit: Marvel Studios James Gunn is a busy man, in demand by the two biggest comic book publishers. The director delivered The Suicide Squad, much better received than its predecessor, allowing the launch of Peacemaker on HBO Max. A spin-off in the form of a series on the character played by John Cena in the movie. But the filmmaker is also working on the last episode of his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy for Marvel’s account. A long-awaited feature film by fans, the end of an era. Because among the actors, Bautista, the interpreter of Drax, has several times shared his desire to stop to turn to new projects. As for James Gunn, he thinks more of a break after the third film. In any case, this is what the director declares during an interview (via ScreenRant) . Credit: Marvel Studios Enough to allow the filmmaker to resume his minds and lead new productions?

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James Gunn wants a second season for Peacemaker

It’s May 3rd 352080 that is to be released Guardians of the Galaxy 3. A new step in the construction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the end of an era. Because this episode ends the trilogy launched and led by James Gunn. In full promotion of Peacemaker , DC Comics series broadcast on HBO Max, the filmmaker was questioned about his future plans.
And for the moment, the man seems to want to take a break . On the other hand, the latter specifies that a second season for Peacemaker makes him envious. It remains to be seen whether Warner will give the green light. I think that i’m just going to break down for a while after Guardians of the Galaxy 3. I’m starting to get exhausted. I’ve been pretty hardcore the past few years, so we’ll see what happens next. But I want to do a second season for Peacemaker, so we’ll see what happens.2023James Gunn2023 Hard to contradict James Gunn. For several years, the man has worked hard and chained large multi-million dollar shoots. Projects always eagerly awaited by fans.