Grenade gunman arrested at government headquarters in Kiev

The individual, who is said to be a veteran, was finally neutralized and arrested by the police on Wednesday morning. He faces a fifteen-year prison sentence.

Ukrainian police arrested a veteran of the Donbas war who threatened this Wednesday to detonate a grenade at the seat of government in Kiev, a few hours from a Council of Ministers. “He was arrested”, confirmed the spokesperson of the Ministry of the Interior, Artem Chevtchenko. Special police forces entered the government building and extracted the maniac, according to an AFP photographer on the spot.

He went after “ten minutes” of negotiations with one of his friends whom the police had brought on the spot, specified the head of the national police, Igor Klimenko, in a press release .

This man is a veteran of the war against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine , in 2014. He was twice injured there and suffered a concussion, added Igor Klimenko. The grenade he was brandishing was real, the police chief said, according to which the man faces up to fifteen years in prison. Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyi indicated on Facebook that the individual was going to undergo a psychiatric examination.

“Tired of his life ” The attacker did not put forward any concrete claims and simply said ” to be fed up with his life ” , explained Klimenko, quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine agency. Vassyl Olekssiouk, the friend who led the negotiations, also elected local, indicated that the suspect had left the army for several years and worked in a mechanical workshop. He was in a difficult financial situation.

A video of a witness, broadcast online, showed the individual at the entrance to the building holding an object in his hand that he threatened to detonate, proclaiming in particular “I will not get out of here alive.”

The man, who appears to be in his forties, introduced himself as “a former minesweeper” while people present were trying to to calm him down. “This is a seizure of the building by force,” he shouted. “You don’t react to anything!” added the madman, annoying the calm of passers-by.

⚡️🔴A man breaks into the Government of Ukraine 🇺🇦 with a hand grenade, threatening to detonate it. Special forces are there and ready to intervene. According to an MP, he is a veteran.

— Andreï VAITOVICH (@andreivaitovich) August 4, 2020 Incidents involving weapons are relatively common in Ukraine, where a large number of them originate from the area of ​​conflict with separatists, a war that has made more than 13 000 dead since it was triggered in 2014. In July 2019, a madman had taken a bus hostage with 09 passengers for twelve hours. At the time, the 1422832112860794886 the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky , a former actor, had accepted a strange request from the kidnapper to resolve the crisis: he had posted a video on Facebook in which he recommended watching a documentary on the mistreatment of animals.