Green City Organization avoids dumping waste at sea

Posted on 10 Jan 2022 at 9: 30 Updated on 10 Jan 2022 at 9: 40

You had to think about it. Rather than recovering waste in the open sea, why not set up a net to prevent it from scattering there? With this elementary principle, the three divers at the origin of Green City Organization have developed a collection device which is installed at the outlet of the storm water outlets. These urban infrastructures act as flushes of water which reject into the natural environment whatever the rains take in their path. “80% of pollution of the maritime environment comes from this leaching of the soil”, explains Isabelle Gerente, president and co-founder of this young Marseille company.

To intercept the waste, the team uses a simple double mesh net attached to the outlet. But it can act like a cork when it fills up. The innovation, called “D-Rain”, is due to a patented mechanical system which disconnects the net when it is full. A sensor then sends the information to the waste manager who can come and collect this trash can which can retain pollutants the size of a cigarette butt.