Got a Fitbit? You will have to get used to using a Google account

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From 2023, Google will start the transition from Fitbit accounts to its own accounts and will above all require the use of a Google account to activate future connected devices such as watches and bracelets.

On January 14, 2021, Google announced the acquisition of Fitbit. First consequence, a slight name change for the Fitbit brand, which becomes Fitbit by Google. In addition, the American giant will use Fitbit algorithms for the sports and health functions of its first connected watch: the Pixel Watch. This will be officially launched on October 6, as well as the Pixel 7 smartphones. But things will mainly change in 2023 for future users: they will have to have a Google account to use Fitbit devices. The manufacturer indicated it on the help page of its site:

“After Google Accounts launch on Fitbit in 2023, some uses of Fitbit will require a Google Account, including signing up for Fitbit or activating new Fitbit devices and features. »

So a Google account will be needed to activate the new products, but current Fitbit account users will get a break, at least until 2025:

“Support for Fitbit Accounts will continue until at least early 2025. After Fitbit Account support ends, a Google Account will be required to use Fitbit. »

A migration will be proposed in 2023

Note that users who already have a Fitbit account will be able to choose to migrate to a Google account in 2023, with the possibility of modifying the data if necessary, or to keep their existing account, as long as it is supported. They will then be notified by their application, as well as by email of the end of their accounts. Note that people who want to keep their current Fitbit account will not be able to use future devices next year until they have migrated.

Google has committed to regulators that health and wellness data of Fitbit users will not be used for advertising purposes. This data will therefore be separated from that which Google uses for its advertisements. However, it will be possible to allow the Google Assistant to access this data in order to announce, for example, how many calories have been burned or how many steps have been taken.

The policy change in 2023 will not pose a problem for those who already have a Google Account, but may make it more difficult for users who do not want this type of account. Unfortunately, they will have no choice. Note that the manufacturer made a similar transition when switching from Nest products to the Google Home brand.

Pending these changes, Fitbit will continue to offer products and services separate from Google.

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