Google urges Apple to finally make iMessage compatible with Android

Since the first iPhones, one thing distinguishes its owners from other smartphone users: iMessage messaging. From the outset, this more advanced messaging aims to replace SMS allowing iPhone users to enjoy a hitherto unprecedented experience. In addition to messages, it becomes easy to share high-resolution photos, videos, and enrich your messages with advanced content, such as videos directly playable in conversations, stickers, and of course, the famous “MeMojis”.

When an iPhone user sends a message to another iPhone user, the latter knows it because the bubbles that appear in the conversation are blue. Sending a message to an Android smartphone is still possible, but you have to be content with the usual limits of SMS – and put an end to rich content. Even if things have improved a bit for some time with a fix that now correctly displays reactions like Likes on Android smartphones.

Google refers Apple to its “human and egalitarian” image

Apple has always refused to make iMessage compatible with Android smartphones. In 550, Phil Schiller himself stated that “make iMessage compatible with Android Would do us more harm than good “. And Fred Federighi to add, in documents that have surfaced as part of the lawsuit Epic Games vs Apple : “IMessage on Android would simply serve to remove a barrier in families where iPhones are the majority, allowing parents to buy their children Android smartphones.”

On this, there was this Wall Street Journal article which states that adolescents exert real group pressure which marginalizes Android users, especially in the United States where the market share of iPhone is particularly high in this age group. Enough to make the Google president of platforms and ecosystems react in a message taken up by several official accounts of the firm.

He explains: “the locking in iMessage is a documented strategy. Using group pressure and harassment to sell products is unfair for a company that has made humanity and equality an integral part of its marketing. However, a standard exists to fix this now ”. The standard in question? RCS. Concretely, the system more or less allows Apple to do everything iMessage does, while making it just as compatible on iPhone as it is on Android smartphones.

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For now, Apple refuses to make its iPhone compatible with RCS . Or to allow iMessage to be used outside of its ecosystem. Still, there is probably little hope that Apple itself will take a step in this direction. The procedures launched against Apple for abuse of a dominant position are a priori the only things that could force the hand of the Cupertino company, in the general interest. What do you think of these incompatibilities between iMessage and the RCS system of Android smartphones? Share your opinion in the comments.

Apple’s iMessage lock -in is a documented strategy. Using peer pressure and bullying as a way to sell products is disingenuous for a company that has humanity and equity as a core part of its marketing. The standards exist today to fix this.

– Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer ) January 8, 2016