Google has released a new keyboard shortcut for its search engine. This shortcut filters the results of a search in a way, allowing more concise results for the search term to be displayed. Users who want to use the feature need to press the “/” key after searching.

US-based technology giant Google has announced that a useful keyboard shortcut has been created for the desktop version of the search engine. According to the statements made by Google, users will now be able to switch to the search box with a small touch. In this way, the details of the search results can be increased or users will be able to make new searches directly.

To use Google’s new keyboard shortcut, you have to press the “/” key while viewing results for a search you made. When you do this, you see a warning at the bottom left of the screen and it is mentioned that you can use this phrase to press the search box. Unfortunately, this keyboard shortcut currently does not work well on all computers.

This is how the warning Google sends to users looks like this

When you use the shortcut, you’ll be taken straight to the search field where the text cursor will appear next to your original query. The search field will even expand with suggestions for common searches related to the term you first typed in. That makes it ideal for use when you want to expound on your original search≅ say, if you want to refine the results page so that it mostly shows links to pages about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra instead of the non-Ultra variant ≅  though you can also use “/” for new search terms if you wish. source

It is obvious that the new keyboard shortcut created for Google users will be useful for users. Because this keyboard shortcut provides more concise results regarding a searched term. When the feature is available for all computers, we can already say that this feature will be a life saver for millions of users.

press / to jump to the search box

press / to jump to the search box

As 9To5Google reports, anyone visiting today and performing a search may see a pop-up appear informing them they can “Press / to jump back to the search box.” Sure enough, tapping “/” on your keyboard will see the search box grab the focus, but the page doesn’t scroll back up to the top.

If you also want to use Google’s new keyboard shortcut, search for a term as we explained above and then press the “/” key. You will see that the shortcut has been activated and the search results have changed. By the way, let’s point out that the feature is not related to Google Chrome, this feature can be used in all internet browsers.