Google boss says press leaks have reduced “trust and openness” within company

Google boss Sundar Pichai was confronted with a question from an employee earlier this month, asking if Google was planning to be more honest and direct with its staff. CNBC got the recording of a year-end reunion hosted by Sundar Pichai earlier this month. During this meeting, Sundar Pichai read a question posed by an employee through the company’s internal system, Dory.

The question was: “It appears that answers to Dory have become more and more legal, with ready-made phrases or platitudes, which seem to ignore the questions asked . Do we intend to bring the frankness, honesty, humility and sincerity back into Dory’s responses or to continue on a bureaucratic path? ”

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Google employees can vote for questions submitted through Dory, and according to CNBC, the question received 21 votes.

Sundar Pichai seemed to blame leaks to the press as one of the reasons speakers’ responses in meetings can seem artificial. “Sometimes I do think people do not forgive small mistakes. I think people realize that the answers can be quoted anywhere, including outside of the company. I think that makes people very careful, “he said.

” Confidence and frankness have to go both ways, “added Sundar Pichai.

Subdar Pichai also said that the massive size of the company and the pandemic that forced virtual meetings to be held were contributing factors.

“I noticed more people were reading on their screens during the pandemic, and I think this helps make the responses feel routine,” Sundar Pichai said. think people are always nervous to respond in this context, “he added.

According to CNBC, Sundar Pichai said the concern raised was” a welcome return information “.

Google faced widespread employee dissatisfaction before the pandemic. In 2018, more 20 000 Google employees have organized ized a walkout to protest the company’s handling of sexual harassment.

Google employees formed their first-ever union in January this year. The union asked the company to change the way it handles sexual misconduct complaints in July.

Original version: Isobel Asher Hamilton / Insider

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