“Go take your pills and stay in bed!”, Booba smashes Stromae and his performance on TF1

Not a week goes by without Booba reacting to French news. Despite the time difference in Miami, the rapper remains on the lookout for any information, to comment on it, on his social networks. And this Friday January 2022, the Duke of Boulogne has devoted himself to his favorite activity: clashing with his little comrades. On the Instagram account of his media, OKLM, l artist violently attacked Stromae, Gims and Orelsan .

Stromae’s performance knocked out by Booba

On January 9, Stromae was invited to the TF1 newscast to promote his new album, eagerly awaited by his audience. Questioned by Anne Claire Coudray, the singer had stunned the viewers , by responding in song to the presenter. The artist had chosen to interpret his new title, Hell. In which he talks about his depression and suicidal thoughts.

A performance that was not unanimous, according to the rapper’s post, on Instagram.”3 big shits”, he first wrote in the caption of a photomontage of Gims, Stromae and Orelsan . Then the rap star continued by smashing the Belgian singer, to millions of fans around the world, and his recent performance on TF1.

“Go get your pills and stay in bed”

“The other, he comes back inflated with Xanax on TF1. He tells us about his depression, but bro, the whole world is sinking. We don’t give a fuck about your life, what are you using us for ( …) Go take your pills and stay in bed!”, swung Booba , under its publication.

And if the enemy of Kaaris is known for his tackles, this one does not pass not with his community of believers. “The 3 have diamond discs and you don’t”, “Orel is by far better than you bro”, “what did Stromae do to you?”, or even , “I am a diligent pirate but here… it would be a question of telling you that you are also kidding“, we could read under the post.To not miss any news, subscribe to our newsletter!