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Remember traveling somewhere? Anywhere? Yeah, let’s get back to that. Back now on “gma”ary and we are getting in the groove. Flower power deals from small businesses. Head straight to the deals and over to Tory Johnson who is going to get us going. Hey, Tory, good morning to you. And we’re going to start with flowers you can wear, Tory. Let’s go. That’s right, Michael. First up, Catherine Weitzman. Real pressed flowers in glass chambers. They’re all hand picked and hand placed in Hawaii by a small team of artisans. They float on a little cable chain in either silver or gold plated. We also have their mini shaker earrings. This is exquisite detail for your jewelry and a really good deal. Today prices start at $37 and free shipping from Catherine Those are really beautiful. Tory. We go from flower power to Earth these products are great for your hair and body but also great for the environment as well, Tory. They are, Michael. So every year about 80 billion units of plastic produced specifically by the beauty industry winds up being discarded. Most of it is not recyclable so this brand-new company called skip is determined to help change that with sustainable packaging. They are using the first fully recyclable paper based carton that will stand up to the shower. Not only is packaging impressive but the product is really impressive. We’ve got their four signature products, a nourishing shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing body wash as well as just a body moisturizer. All made with plant-based ingredient, some of which come straight from their farm in upstate New York including honey so you can feel good about putting them in the body as well as your contribution to the environment to get rid of some plastic, sets today start at $15. Fantastic. Now this next company is really innovative because they have a good way of keeping flowers fresh and healthy. Tell us about it. This is so cool. So typically you get flowers and know you have to change the water, trim the stems but those things are annoying and wind up not doing it and flowers die. With this vase it is designed specifically to help avoid all of that. It’s an unbreakable smart vase. You twist off the bottom once flowers prince Harry are in there and dump out the old water, trim the stems and then you put the bottom right back on. Put it on display and it will help your flowers last longer, look more vibrant. They’re beautiful vases. We have two heights assorted colors your choice starting at $25. Genius. How about flower power in our skin care in cosmetics? Tory, talk to me.

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