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Gives birth at the Metallica concert

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A Metallica show in the ninth month of pregnancy, and the baby is born to the “rhythm” of music: this is what happened to Joice Figueirò, spectator at the concert, who began to feel the contractions during the show.

The new mom had gone to the concert in the Pereira stadium in Brazil and went into labor just as the band was performing the song “Enter Sandman”. A happy event in the middle of a wild concert: to share the details of the story with some stories it was Metallica, who touched their 8.2 million fans on Instagram. And many have written to the new mother to ask for news and send her their best wishes.

Joice Figueirò had bought tickets to attend the concert in “unsuspecting” times, ie three years ago. Then the pregnancy, and the decision to still attend the show of her favorite band even though it was almost arrived at the time of the birth. In fact, she was not long in coming: at the third to last song of the concert, the most delicate and complicated moment began for the woman, and she was taken to hospital by ambulance just in time.

The news was shared – in both Portuguese and English – by Joice herself, on Instagram: “The whole day was crazy” she said, saying (jokingly) that she would call her son James Ulrich, a tribute to the frontman. by Metallica James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. She finally called her little Luan.

“I’m fine – he says responding to the thousands of messages of good wishes received – and I’m trying to realize how it all happened. Thank you all for your love and your thoughts”.

Of course, it doesn’t happen every day to see a baby being born at a heavy metal concert: it happens sometimes in supermarkets, sometimes in the car while on the way to the hospital, but it hadn’t happened yet at a Metallica show.