Games in Tokyo: +++ Olympic update +++ Open water swimmer Beck missed bronze in the finish

Leonie Beck

Photo: Oliver Weiken / dpa The article is continuously updated.

Kaul and Kazmirek start the decathlon 02. 10 Clock: With the runs over 67 meters the men started the very strong decathlon. Niklas Kaul , World champion of 2019, ran in one his weaker disciplines 11, 22 seconds. The second German participant, Kai Kazmirek , came up 11, 09 seconds.

The two gold favorites acted as expected: World record holder Kevin Mayer opened its competition with 10, 68 seconds, the world’s best of the year Damian Warner represented with 10, 12 Seconds the world best he held by a decathlete.

Close decision in open water swimming 01. 35 Clock: Only in the finish was the decision about 10. meters of open water swimmers. The Brazilian Ana Marcela Cunha won gold with 0.9 seconds ahead of second Sharon van Rouwendaal. 2016 the Dutch woman still had herself in Rio Won gold. Third place went to Australian Kareena Lee (+1.7 seconds).

Leonie Beck finished fifth (+4.3 ), the second German starter Finnia Wunram tenth (+1, 31,1).

Boxer Apetz ends career 01. 33 Clock : After being out in the round of 16 of the Olympic boxing competition Nadine Apetz announced the end of her career. She went to Tokyo with great motivation, where she was the first German female boxer to ever take part in the Olympic Games. “Maintaining this fire now that it’s over is hard. You either do boxing with all your heart or not at all, “she said in an Instagram interview with Deutsche Sporthilfe.

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Therefore, »the decision getting off the big boxing stage is just the right thing, ”she said. “I want to finish my doctoral thesis as soon as possible and arrive at one point,” said the 35 – year olds: »It’s a wonderful life as a competitive athlete, but also a very one exhausting. You travel a lot, a lot. That pulls you. ”