Fuel prices: motorists convert to ethanol

Published on 26/04/2021 17: 23

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Faced with soaring gasoline prices, some are rushing to convert boxes to ethanol. This is one of the solutions found motorists to lower the bill, because ethanol is half the price of gasoline.

Daniel Delrieu rolls at ethanol for three years thanks to a box. AT 0,75 cents on liter on average, his bills have dropped drastically. “On a car like that, you fill up at 48 liters, that’s 50 euros per full of savings, it is substantial”, he declares. He n did not have to pay for the conversion of his vehicle, already equipped at the time of purchase. But motorists are wondering about this fuel which is half the price.

According to a mechanic, located in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), he count between 640 euros and 1 01 euros to convert his vehicle. In one morning, he has already received three calls from people wanting to find out about the possible conversion of their vehicles, because not all cars are compatible. “Some cars with a little too much electronics don’t go well”, warns Olivier Prot, director of the Grands Garages d’Auvergne. Close to 2 000 converter boxes are sold monthly according to the leading ins installation of this material. Team of the week


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