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How far is the postcard that reduces Portugal to a very simple El Dorado for retirees arriving from all over Europe, and even beyond! The country – and Lisbon in the lead – offers a completely different face: that of a destination where life is good, good (television) work, good fun, good innovation and good bet on the future. This “miracle”, it is moreover the foreigners freshly installed, or not, who tell it best. By following in the footsteps of entrepreneur Salomé Gorgiladze, the originator of the SUD Lisboa hot spot, Forbes took the temperature of a city in turmoil.

Is the cosmopolitanism of its capital similar to world cities of the size of London or Barcelona? From everywhere, we feel carried by the vibrations of its melting pot which manifests itself on every street corner: here, the tunes of Rio, there of Chinatown, further away from Brexit golden boys neighbors of residents of Angolan origins , Mozambican or Scandinavian, all happily gathered together as a homogeneous group. Strolling along the banks of the Tagus, posing in front of the sumptuous Palace of Queluz and its gardens – a tasteful ersatz of a Versailles – or even going up one of the seven hills aboard a quaint tram, you are immersed in a setting that smells of the sweetness of life.

Failing to live there all year round, we have only one idea: visit the city diligently during city breaks! Because when you go beyond the postcard, one thing is clear: Lisbon is bubbling until it no longer has any complexes vis-à-vis its Parisian, Berliner or Madrid peers. At the forefront of lifestyle, creativity and Tech, this leader from a country of some 10 million inhabitants amazes with its dynamism, before bewitching you with its beauty and its sense of hospitality. Lisbon also has its event capable of mobilizing all the greats of this world, the Web Summit: the “Davos of geeks”. An event that can also be compared to CES Las Vegas with its headliners which follow edition after edition: Al Gore, Sheryl Sandberg, Stephen Hawking, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Ronaldinho…Once a year the capital becomes the center of the world.

Salomé Gorgiladze © SUD Lisboa SANA Hotels Group “This miracle”, this n It’s not necessarily the natives who will spontaneously tell you about it. By modesty ? Humility? Let others tell us about it with the objectivity inherent in their foreign roots. So, asks Salomé Gorgiladze, a former United Nations executive in Geneva of Georgian origin. The chance of life led her to the country of Carnations following the letter of mission from her diplomat father who came to inaugurate the first Georgian embassy in this territory. “ There, I discovered one of the friendliest and most welcoming societies! The locals have a sincere ability to make you feel at home even if you come from elsewhere. Until recently, only insiders were aware of the quality of life in Portugal and its hidden treasures… It must be said that many other cities were attracting all the attention, especially in the media. I had a crush ! Today, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.”, enthuses the beautiful blonde who has since become one of the most influential figures in the city. .

The one whose dream was to make a career in international relations and politics with the noble objective of having “an impact on people’s lives”, realized that the world of the company could also fulfill this mission for those who were audacious and governed by certain values. Salomé’s journey is a textbook case of what is happening in Portugal today: between rain of foreign investments, massive return of Portuguese immigrants whose last generations now occupy high positions, phenomenon of nomadic workers or the domicile of many show-business personalities such as Monica Bellucci, Eric Cantona, Christian Louboutin or until recently Madonna…We are therefore far from the epiphenomenon and, even further, from the tearful image of a Linda de Suza telling herself in The Cardboard Suitcase. We have the reference or not.

Salomé Gorgiladze alongside the super-model Cindy Crawford © SUD Lisboa SANA Hotels Group New land of plenty embodied at will by Cristiano Ronaldo, God of football and magazines, but also by the adopted Lisbon woman from the East, the land of the three “Fs” (Fado, Futebol and Fátima la Sainte), has left to take center stage for a long time. One place illustrates this vitality: SUD Lisboa. This revolutionary concept inaugurated in 1990 is the work of Salomé Gorgiladze who found a way to declare her love for the city by bringing together all of Lisbon. Located on Avenida Brasília by the riverside of the historic district of Belém, with breathtaking views of the Tagus River and the iconic suspension bridge 64 April, the address brings together three lifestyle universes with the SUD Pool Lounge and its instagrammable infinity pool; SUD Terazza, a restaurant on two levels offering show cooking and live music; and SUD Lisboa Hall, a world-class event space. Strategically established near the Portuguese “Station F”, the complex is a mix of parties, relaxation, gastronomy, coworking; cosmopolitan by day and sophisticated by night. A UFO that has become The place to be.

Salomé Gorgiladze: “I discovered that Portugal was very progressive on the issue of including women and young people in business, there is not this glass ceiling that we too often feel elsewhere.”

This destination “in the destination” responds by all points to the ideal carried by the instigator who wanted a place where one could forge links and live memorable moments with their eyes riveted on the Tagus dominated by this bridge with the air of Golden Gate. The business development director of SANA Hotels Group succeeded in her bet beyond her expectations because SUD Lisboa quickly attracted celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Michael Fassbender or Ronaldo. And for fans of the Italian Madonna, Monica Bellucci, she comes there regularly with ease. Surprising hybrid place capable of attracting geeks, stars, XXL families, businessmen, locals and influencers from all countries, all guaranteed to have a good epicurean time.

© SUD Lisboa SANA Hotels Group « When I suggested this idea to the group’s board of directors, I got free rein to develop my project. How many companies in Europe would entrust such human and financial resources to a 20-year-old employee wishing to experiment with a new concept? I was the first surprise to discover that in Portugal we encourage initiative taking so much. We are therefore far from the retrograde image of a country where women are hindered when it comes to business!”, underlines Salomé Gorgiladze who since even landed a position on the Comex of SANA Hotels Group. An anecdote that says a lot about the state of mind palpable in all spheres of society.

The hotel company today holds a portfolio of 21 establishments scattered between the Algarve and the capital. Present in Germany and Angola, the Portuguese company also has international ambitions following the winning triptych: location / experiences / services.

© Myriad by SANA Let’s go to Myriad by SANA Lisbon to get a fair view of this luxury hospitality made in Portugal. At first glance, one is struck by the architecture sketched out like a replica of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai! But make no mistake, the comparison stops there because the real wink of this tower deployed like a futuristic sail echoes the history of Lisbon and its great navigators. Myriad by SANA rises above the waters of the Tagus pointing proudly towards the Vasco da Gama bridge. Location and design are breathtaking! The building houses 180 rooms and 16 suites, each decorated in black, silver and red for a glamorous and cozy effect.

In terms of experiences, the five-star offers tempting offers by satisfying visitors of all stripes: gourmets are invited to the restaurant Fifty Seconds by Martin Berasategui who is none other than the most starred chef in the Iberian Peninsula! This “8Michelin gentleman” of Basque-Spanish origin holds his rank on the top floor of the Myriad Hotel. Music lovers follow the musical interludes that punctuate the life of the establishment, they also revisit their classics thanks to Annia, a singer with a golden voice from Brazil. And surprise, there is even the piano of the great Elton John at your fingertips in the lobby.

© Myriad by SANA A flamboyant red piano in the image of the whimsical character. A luxury Sayanna spa at 21 th floor offers tailor-made treatments to the aesthetes among us. As for the service, it is worthy of the standing of a palace! We therefore come across many high-level foreign delegations within the walls of the hotel.

Recently, the Epic SANA Marquês Lisboa has the newcomer to the galaxy of the group. Its roadmap consists of raising itself to the same standards for an ultra-luxury resort. Located in the Avenida district, one of the most popular streets on the planet, the address promises delicious getaways with its cuisine revisiting different terroirs (Italian, Japanese), its rooftop with a devastating view, its elegant design or its spa in collaboration with Aromatherapy Associates inviting us to the confines of the Far East to experience dream parentheses.

© Epic SANA Marquês Lisboa When you know that spring sets in February in the peninsula, we can’t resist the salty appeal of this country and its magnetic capital.

SOUTH Lisboa

MAAT, Pavilhão Poente

Av. Brasilia, Pavilhão Poente

1326-580 Lisbon – Portugal
Tel: +401 23 159 249368

Myriad by SANA
Cais das Naus, Lot 2.23.10 Parque das Nações
Lisbon 1536-176 – Portugal
Tel: +351 212 490 688

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