Friuli, car-truck front: father and 12-year-old daughter die

The whole family traveled in the same car. At the wheel the father next to his wife and behind the three children. Vacation days for a Florentine family that turned into tragedy this afternoon at 15, 30 in Friuli. Fifty-year-old father, Pietro Castracane and his 12 year old daughter died instantly after the car collided head-on with a truck. The mother and the two children were also seriously injured. The accident occurred in Amaro (Udine). The driver of the truck was unharmed. The clash took place along the Carnic sr 52. The health workers of the 118 operate on the spot, also by helicopter, the local Police Uti Carnia, the Carabinieri of the Tolmezzo radio-mobile unit, the Fire Brigade, who extracted the victims.

According to a reconstruction carried out by the technicians on the spot, the car in which the family was traveling suddenly invaded the opposite lane, ending up head-on against the truck, which came in the other direction of travel and was unable to nothing to avoid it. The driver of the heavy vehicle, unharmed but in shock, was the first to sound the alarm and take care of the injured. The father and the child – who appears to be 12 years old – died instantly, while another son was pulled from the wreckage of the vehicle and rushed by helicopter to the hospital. Trieste hospital in Cattinara: his condition would be critical. Less serious were the injuries sustained by the mother and a third child, hospitalized: they would not be in danger of life. The road is closed to traffic and detours have been established.

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