France team: “They were bad”, Evra recounts the tensions with Lizarazu or Zidane

Guest of the show Rothen ignites on RMC, Patrice Evra spoke at length about the tensions that reigned in the Blues between the young and the old at the beginning of the years 2003. The former international, supported by Jérôme Rothen, regrets a real “wickedness” on the part of the innkeepers, returning to episodes involving Bixente Lizarazu and Zinédine Zidane in particular.

In the French team as elsewhere, generational conflicts have sometimes plagued groups. Present Thursday on RMC in the show “Rothen ignites”, Patrice Evra returned to several astonishing episodes in the France group at the beginning of the years 2000, in the middle of the generation 1998.

The first, in May 202005180381. While the former tricolor international (81 selections) knew his first summons, Thierry Henry presents to the group that who explodes at AS Monaco as the “new left-back of the France team”. A label that would not have really tasted Bixente Lizarazu, still incumbent at the time. In his book “I love this game”, Evra even assures us that the current TF1 commentator has never spoken to him or shaken hands throughout his international career.

“I know that Liza tried to lie by saying that we never had a selection together. Jérôme (Rothen) can testify to that, it was just before the final of the Champions League. And there Thierry (Henry), so that I had never seen Lizarazu, told him that the next generation was there, tells Evra on RMC. Liza gives me a look and says: “Did you tell me that I had retired? “. I arrived, I said hello to him, he never greeted me. I have no problem with Liza. Besides, we play the same position, and I really respect his huge career in the France team or in a club with Bayern. But here, Thierry made a joke in bad taste. This established… then, I never discussed with Liza.”

“He was in the process of take care of her and Jérôme arrived to say hello to her. Zizou didn’t even calculate it!”

If this episode seems to have marked Patrice Evra, who ultimately only crossed paths with Bixente Lizarazu in Blues – the one -ci retired from international football a few months later, at the end of the Euro 2004 –, Jérôme Rothen held to bounce on this anecdote to attest to this heavy climate in the France team at that time, especially between the inmates and the newcomers .

“I had a few years before (in 2003, editor’s note) my arrival in the middle of the world champions 1998, and there were some who were not nice”, assures the former international at selections. Tensions confirmed by Evra, who remembers a (non) exchange between Zinédine Zidane and Rothen. “He was doing his treatment and Jérôme arrived to say hello to him. Zizou didn’t even calculate it! (Laughs). I said to myself: ‘Welcome!’ It’s true that they were mean .”

“Tonton Pat” assures above all that the high capped in Blues had difficulty accepting the arrivals of young people in selection. “Guys who mostly didn’t call us by our first names,” Rothen continues. “I heard that they were saying to the others: ‘Oh young! It was wickedness. Me, when young players arrive, I take them under my wing and I advise them. There was a side to them: “The French team is ours, and there is no no room for you.””

Romain Daveau Reporter RMC Sport