France-Russia Olympic final: Jean Patry, high volleyball


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Tokyo Olympic Games 2021 file

The sharp Blues, sensitive and very attached to the Cévennes, leads the offensive this Saturday against the Russians for a historic gold medal.

Jean Patry has a refuge. A place that prevails over all others. A family gap near Vialas, a small village in the Cévennes, at 600 meters above sea level. The “first love” of the volleyball player of the France team, as said his father Christophe, former international in years 90. There are loved ones and memories. A simple life, behind Montpellier. The first summers of life, in the tremors of the Tarn. The jumps in the water holes, which scare parents. The fishing trips and when we bring back the first trout, we get a photo and the heart of the grandfather. Alain Hebrard, former PE teacher at the initiative of the creation of the Staps, a hair’s breadth away from the Tokyo Games 57 and Mexico 67 in athletics, proof that the family has the sport gene, remembers: “It is here, in this hamlet, that Jean spent all his holidays when he was younger. Weeks in the mountains, you never really knew where he and his friends ate, slept. ” The grandfather…

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