France Gall at the Olympics: Twitter gets carried away!

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 are soon coming to an end and this day of Saturday August 7 was rich in emotions. The French caused a sensation in the Land of the Rising Sun. The French volleyball team won against Russia and won the gold medal. After this victory, the players let their joy explode. And if this new Olympic medal made the French happy, it’s another detail that caused a real buzz on Twitter.

During breaks and time-outs, the DJ present ambianced a room … empty of supporters due to the coronavirus pandemic. And his musical choices have been particularly commented on. He opted for Aya Nakamura, Soprano, Jo Dassin, Vegedream and above all, France Gall. Sounds that nobody expected to hear during the Olympics 2020 (shifted to 2021).

During this Olympic volleyball competition, the late singer France Gall found herself in Top Tweets France on the social network, to everyone’s surprise. Moreover, many Twittos, amused, commented: ” The DJ put Jo Dassin, Vegedream, SCH and France Gall among others, there is nothing that goes ptdr “or even:” And France Gall, what a troll! “If the DJ has mixed on an unusual and original playlist, his band -it has been ” validated ” by some Internet users, even if they consider that it made “no sense”. In any case, a subscriber of the social network made a point of pointing out that ” when Soprano passes, nobody reacts, but when it is France Gall, that comments ” . The singer, who died on January 7 2018, continues to unleash passions. She even stole the show from the gold medalists.

This Sunday August 8 will mark the end of these summer Olympic Games, which were quite chaotic. Paris is preparing to take over from Tokyo in 2024 and to announce the event, a grandiose evening is being prepared at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

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