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France is putting in place a series of new “drastic” restrictions on travelers from the UK, government officials said, in an attempt to ” stop the spread of the variant Omicron , the cause of a record number of coronavirus infections across the Channel.

Main facts

From midnight between Friday and Saturday, British travelers will need to have a compelling reason to be allowed into France, the government said in a statement, citing the “spread Variant Omicron in UK ”. These reasons do not include business and tourism, the statement explains, and all travelers will need to provide a Covid test – 19 negative performed less than 24 hours before their arrival. Travelers must be quarantined after arrival, under the new rules, self-isolate for seven days or 48 hours if they test negative for coronavirus. French and European nationals and residents, as well as their families, are exempt from the new rules. According to the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal , these restrictions aim to give France time to distribute booster vaccines to a greater number of people, which, according to studies, offer a better protection against the Omicron variant.

The context

The cases of he coronavirus in Europe have reached record levels in recent weeks. The UK reported the highest number of daily Covid cases on Wednesday – 12 since the onset of the pandemic and experts predict that the Omicron variant will become the dominant variant by the end of December. Analysis suggests it has already become the dominant form of the virus in London, where it is spreading rapidly, in line with warnings from UK Health Minister Sajid Javid. While the Delta variant is the source of the majority of the European wave, Omicron will likely become the dominant variant of the coronavirus in Europe by mid-January, warned European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, although experts predict it could overtake the Delta variant as early as this week in Norway and Denmark.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Robert Hart

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