Fortnite is back on iOS thanks to cloud gaming

Between Apple and Epic, the developer of the Fortnite video game, it’s always war. And the return of mobile gaming to the App Store will not happen anytime soon.

However, if you want to play on an iPhone or an iPad, you’ll soon be able to. Indeed, thanks to cloud gaming, Fortnite is making a comeback on Apple’s mobile platforms.

In order for its title to be available again on iOS, Epic worked with Nvidia, and its GeForce Now cloud gaming service. This service has been around for years, and late 2020, Nvidia was rolling this one out on iOS (not through the App Store, but on the Safari browser) . And Nvidia also announced a version of Fortnite optimized for touch screens, for GeForce Now.

Development took time . But this week, this version for touch screens of Fortnite finally arrives on GeForce Now, and will therefore be accessible on iPhone and iPad. And Apple won’t be able to do anything to prevent this, since it doesn’t control the content streamed on Safari.

The bad news is that for the moment, it This is a beta version, with limited access, by invitation. To hope to have access to the game, you will have to register on a waiting list on the Nvidia website. And for the moment, we don’t know how long this beta will last.

“We are working alongside the Epic Games team to develop an experience that all Fortnite players and GeForce NOW members will enjoy. The closed beta will be time-limited, but we don’t have a specific timeline for how long it will last” , Nvidia says in an FAQ.

This new version of Fortnite developed by Nvidia and Epic is available on iOS, but also on Android. However, it should be remembered that if Google has also banned the game from the official store of its OS, it has always been possible to play by installing an .apk file.

Cloud gaming is being installed on iOS, with or without Apple’s agreement

Today, most internet giants are betting on cloud gaming. Whether it’s Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon, all of them are already testing or offering services that allow streaming games to be played.

However, with regard to iOS devices, these services are not available on the App Store. Indeed, if Apple does not prevent cloud gaming, it requires platforms such as Stadia or xCloud to list games individually on the app store.

Refusing these conditions, platforms of cloud gaming have opted for another solution: Safari. In essence, instead of offering a native application, it consists of providing a cloud gaming service via the web.

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