Former PSG player, Nadia Nadim became a doctor

Today at Racing Louisville in the United States, Nadia Nadim is preparing her retraining after her football career. The striker who passed through PSG announced on social networks that she has become a doctor. A title to which she was attached after confiding a few months ago that she wanted to specialize in reconstructive surgery.

After three seasons in the women’s section of PSG between 2018 and 2021, Nadia Nadim had joined last summer the Racing Louisville, USA. But at years old, the attacker was already preparing her retraining with medical studies which she was carrying out at the same time as her career. This Friday, the efforts of the Dane of Afghan origin bore fruit, as she announced her new status as a doctor on social networks: “Mom, I did it! Doctor Nadim at home!”

In a documentary published by Canal+ a few months ago, the former Manchester City player had seen her mother insist that she make a career in medicine : “Complete your diploma to work in the hospital. Otherwise why did you study for five years? Because it was fun for you? You have to work, you have to do it for these poor people who need it so much.”

A career in reconstructive surgery?

During this report, the one who had to leave Afghanistan at the age of years to escape the Taliban, confided that she was thinking of “getting into reconstructive surgery. ”

In an interview granted to RMC Sport in 2019, the Dane said she wanted to try as much as possible “to help people and work to change the world”. Note that the main interested party is involved in many associations.