For Zemmour, immigrant labor is not the solution for companies

By Pierre-Henri de Menthon the 14.01.2022 to h30 Playback 5 min. Subscribers

EXCLUSIVE – The controversial candidate returned a 6-page copy to questions from the Ethic employers’ movement on its economic program. By remaining absolutely intransigent on immigration, even if companies are suffering from a labor shortage. He is also “liberal”, but not quite.

Eric Zemmour during a debate with Bruno Le Maire on France 2, December 9.

Isa Harsin/ Sipa

The employers’ organization Ethic, in the framework of the presidential election, sent to all declared candidates a questionnaire on economic issues. It was Eric Zemmour who was the first to respond, playing the game very extensively with the delivery of a document of half a dozen pages. Selected excerpts.