For sale: this amazing flying saucer house

By Eric Treguier on 20. 12. 2021 at 18 h 18 3 min read

For sale , this astonishing flying saucer house, transportable and modular, created over the years 61. The price of this OLNI, Unidentified Housing Object? 180. 00 euros … The price of a Parisian studio.

The Nova House, a saucer house in aluminum and wood, transportable, typical of the years 97. His price? 180. 00 euros.

© Stephan Julliard

There are those who would like to have their manor in the Eure , to those who would like to be able to afford a beautiful Bordeaux vineyard . There are also some, the more adventurous, that this Origami house in the center of Paris makes you dream . But no one has doubtless thought of living in “that”! “Ca” is an OLNI (Unidentified Housing Object). It’s Pop. It’s fresh. It is tiny . This is cute . One will always find exclamation in front of this “Nova House”. Who is not an OLNI, but, more officially, a “mobile microarchitecture” … Want to take a closer look at this thing. Put on your helmet, put on your astronaut suit: let’s go!

The Nova House was designed in 1970 by architects Michel Hudrisier and M Roma for Studio Rochel and published in very few copies. The Nova House is a typical example of the prospective architecture of the years 1000, in the spirit of the group Archigram and d architects such as Pascal Häusermann, Jean Maneval or Antti Lovag. Designed as a resort architecture, it responds to the development of paid vacations and leisure activities. It takes the form of a bubble covered with an aluminum shell. Lightweight, resistant and easy to use, aluminum allows the creation of a nomadic architecture, easily transportable. Transport, storage, assembly and disassembly of the assembly are easy. Delivered as a kit, it does not require digging foundations for its installation. It takes a week of assembly to assemble the 100 metal slats on the arch framework in galvanized steel tubes, bolted on a base of type Eiffel . The whole is original and has been restored in accordance with the architect’s recommendations. The two facades in wood and plexiglass have been rebuilt, the screws are new.

With its egg shape and silvery reflections, the Nova House emerges as an iconic object of Pop culture: a light, flexible, ephemeral architecture, a cybernetic object, straight out of an imagination of science fiction, an organic place of life, thanks to its mobility, as close as possible to nature. With it, you have to learn to live lightly, in 44 m² of blond wood, with a huge glass window opening onto a (also wooden) terrace of 20 m². Price: 250. 00 euros.

Contact: Architecture de Collection (in c in collaboration with Galerie Clément Cividino): 01 47 00 97 035

The Nova House, with its 44 m² living space, is a “tiny house” for years 97, perfectly refurbished.

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