For Rummenigge, the “manager of the year” is … Luis Campos

Invited by Bild to nominate his “manager of the year”, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge chose Luis Campos. An astonishing choice, the Portuguese being more used to the role of sports director than of manager. But the former Bayern Munich boss explained in detail the reasons for this choice.

Considered by many to be one of the best talent scouts in Europe, Luis Campos has often enjoyed success in the clubs he has been to in recent years. If his reputation is well established in the role of sports director, the fact that Karl-Heinz Rummenigge designated him as “manager of the year “may surprise.

Invited by Bild to comment in the review” Reif il live “on the reasons for this choice, the former boss of Bayern Munich spoke of the work done by the manager during his time at AS Monaco between 2013 and 2016: “In the heyday of AS Monaco, he brought in players like MbappĂ©, Falcao, Fabinho, Martial and Bernardo Silva. All players with whom he was champion at the time. ”

The former striker also spoke of the economic management of the clubs through which Campos has worked:” These players that he bought for a relatively reasonable sum were sold at high prices to top clubs in Europe, which allowed the club to have excellent financial results. ”

“He never stays long ps in a club “

Another striking example of Campos’ success, his time in Lille, where he managed to attract players who allowed the team to win the title of champion of France, to the detriment of PSG: “He then went to Lille, brought in Renato Sanches, Yilmaz, Fonte, Osimhen and also brought players to a normal level in Lille and then partly sold them “, recalls Rummenigge.

Despite his success in the North of France, the manager, now free of any contract, left the club in 2020, while he had arrived in 2017. A short passage that Rummenigge considers a trend at Campos: “What is striking about him is that he never stays long in a club. He also resigned from Lille in December 2020, there was a change of owner and he probably no longer had a good relationship with the new owner. ”