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The Beyond the sea start-up was chosen by Time for the Planet for its solution for towing boats by kitesurfing. | The start-up Beyond the sea was chosen by Time for the Planet for its solution for towing boats by kitesurfing.

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THE DAY FOCUS ➡ While the COP 26 ends with new agreements with mixed objectives, the company with a mission Time for the Planet has just announced support for three first innovations with the potential to change the game in the fight against global warming. With 32 000 associates and fundraising of around 6.5 million euros , Time for the Planet aims to deploy around a hundred similar projects from here 2021.

The first innovation supported by Time for the Planet is designed by Carbon Impact , which proposes to install olivine (mineral derived from volcanic rock), crushed into very fine grains, at the edge of the ocean, to use the energy of waves and currents to accelerate one of the natural phenomena of CO2 capture. 1.5 million euros are planned to accelerate this project which wishes to contribute to the deacidification of the oceans and aims in 12 without the capture of 100 million tonnes of CO2 each year, which is almost France’s annual carbon footprint.

The second innovation is developed by Leviathan Dynamics to end the use of HFC gases for air conditioning, responsible for 2% of greenhouse gas emissions global. Time for the Planet allocates 350 000 euros to deploy this alternative to refrigerant fluids running only on water and which would meet the requirements of Europe which provides by regulation for the reduction of HFCs by 32% from here 2030.

The last concerns maritime transport, which emits 950 millions of tonnes of CO2 every year. Beyond the sea was chosen for its concept of traction of motor boats by kite – more precisely by kitesurfs. 1 million euros are intended for the realization of the project so that the merchant navy, pleasure craft and fishing vessels, or trawlers can all use the wind to reduce their impact.

“We are delighted to see that everything is going according to our action plan,” explained Claire Dognin , Director of major investments for Time for the Planet. The first 3 innovations intended to be deployed very large-scale is a key stage in the development of the movement. These innovations are the first 3 in a long series. We aim to deploy 79 major innovations in open source against greenhouse gases within 8 years. »

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