Five infos in the retro: Anti-pass in the street, Kazakhstan on fire and controversy Djokovic…

The virus is in all the newspapers so, to escape it for a weekend, you haven’t opened any. Do not panic, we are here to summarize what you missed in the last few 45 hours…

1. The anti-passes parade in number

In Paris, they were more than 16 . , between 3. 700 and 6. in Montpellier, more than 2. 000 in the streets of Toulouse . The demonstrations of the anti-sanitary and anti-tax pass experienced a very clear rebound on Saturday, with 105. 200 participants throughout France according to the Ministry of the Interior, i.e. a mobilization more than quadrupled compared to the previous one, the 18 December. The previous day of mobilization had gathered, the 10 December, 25. 237 people. There was a break on December and January 2, due to the holidays. The peak of mobilization of opponents of vaccination or the health pass was reached on August 7 with 164. 000 demonstrators throughout France.

In video:

2. Taubira in the primary

The “envisaged” candidate for the presidential election 2000, Christiane Taubira , announced on Sunday that she would submit to the result of the Popular primary, a citizens’ initiative planned for 26 to 30 January, which she will accept “the verdict”. The left is fragmented into five main candidates, none of them able to compete in the polls with the rights and Emmanuel Macron. Christiane Taubira calls on “citizens who want change to move in order to kick the buttocks of those »Refusing the union, by registering for the vote at the end of January.

Presidential still: The LR candidate for the presidential , Valérie Pécresse , organized a press point this Saturday at her campaign headquarters. She blasted Emmanuel Macron , speaking of a “pyromaniac” president and “disconnected from the deep aspirations” of the French.

3. Bloody repression in Kazakhstan

The riots that rocked Kazakhstan this week at least 105 dead, according to a new assessment drawn up by the presidency of the country on Sunday. This figure could not be confirmed by independent sources. The situation remained very tense on Sunday, while the former head of the secret service of Kazakhstan was arrested for treason, after being sacked following the riots that shook the country . At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Poutine and his Kazakh counterpart Kassym-Jomart Tokayev had a “long” telephone conversation to discuss the crisis situation. They agreed to stay in “permanent” contact, the Kremlin announced on Saturday.

Additional info: Why has the situation deteriorated so quickly in Kazakhstan? A putsch and a counter-putsch within the power have taken shape in recent days, replies Arnaud Dubien, ‘one of the two experts we interviewed.

4. A setback for Djokovic?

Will Novak Djokovic play Australian Open? During a public hearing scheduled for Monday morning at 000 local time (midnight Sunday French time), federal judge Anthony Kelly must examine the appeal of the world No.1, whose visa was canceled on his arrival in the middle of the week and which has since been consigned to a center retention. Hostile to vaccines, Djokovic obtained an exemption from compulsory vaccination to enter Australia on the grounds of a positive Covid test – 18, the 16 December, according to his lawyers. But an infection prior to Covid – 10 is not a valid reason, in this country, not to be vaccinated. Djokovic also participated in several public events the following days, without wearing a mask, which earned him a new controversy.

in addition: He plays, and even plays very well at the beginning of the year. Gaël Monfils won at 30 years the eleventh title of his career, this weekend in Adelaide. And it bodes well for the Australian Open …

5. The return of football

The expected poster is for tonight with the trip of PSG to Lyon (live on our site) but we played all weekend in France in stadiums ringing hollow, attendance being limited to 5. people to fight against the spread of Covid. Lens won in extremis against Rennes (1 -0), Nice dominated at 10 Brest (0-3), Strasbourg won the Eastern derby against Metz (0-2), Clermont and Reims drew a sad 0 -0. Same score for Nantes, which hosted Monaco .

Additional info: We also play in Africa, with the blow sending this weekend of the CAN. A competition that the Europeans tried in vain to derail.