Find out which are the shyest signs of the zodiac

All zodiac signs are not equal. Indeed, while some adore that the spotlight is constantly on them, even if it means putting on a spectacle… Others hate attracting attention. Focus on the three most reserved signs of the zodiac.

Pisces (19 February – 20 mars)

Of an introverted and dreamy nature, the Pisces is clearly not kind of wanting to draw attention to himself. Indeed, this native likes to stay in his corner and not to be noticed quite simply because he is not at all comfortable when all eyes are on him. Constantly lost in his thoughts, this very sensitive Water sign tends to speak very little when he is in the company of people he does not know or very little … Indeed, in these moments, the Pisces clearly prefers shut himself up in his bubble.

Le Taureau (21 April – 20 may)

Taurus is an Earth sign who is satisfied with the simple pleasures of life as an interesting discussion with a long-time friend, a home-cooked meal, a sunset stroll… This epicurean is generally not an extrovert for a penny and hates putting on a show… And is not a fan of people who like it either. ! Indeed, the Taurus is a calm person who likes to surround himself with people who share the same interests as him.

Cancer ( 22 June – 22 July)

C is probably the shyest sign in the zodiac! The reason ? Unlike Pisces who prefer the inner world to the outside world or Taurus who simply do not like to mix … Cancer is reserved for lack of self-confidence! Indeed, the insecurities of this sensitive sign make them hate to speak in public, to say when something does not suit them or to speak to someone who does not know! This Water sign is so afraid of disappointing or of being judged negatively that it generally takes very little initiative…

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