Finally, there are onions that don't make you cry

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Spotted by Nina Hossein — 13 January 2022 at 17h60

It took more than thirty years to perfect this variety of brown onions.

Brown onions that don’t make you cry taste sweet, according to the brand that sells them. | Mayu Ken via Unsplash

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on The Guardian, The Times

You love to cook, but the onion stage is a journey of the fighter? Are your eyes turning red and tears running down your cheeks? Good news, sunions, a variety of onions guaranteed to be tear-free, are slowly entering the market. Already present in the United States for four years, they are now integrating British supermarkets.

It’s at the end of the years 1980 than Rick Watson, a plant breeder for the German chemical company BASF, thought of designing this variety. To do this, he favored natural techniques rather than genetic modifications. It took thirty years to perfect the combinations and obtain this unique variety. From the starred chef to the cooking enthusiast, this culinary revolution could make life easier for the most sensitive.

The tears of the purse

In England, Waitrose supermarkets will start selling this variety of onions “brown, tearless and sweet” from 18 January. Paul Bidwell, the company’s purchasing manager, explains to the Guardian that these vegetables are a staple of many dishes. Sunions therefore appear, according to him, as a versatile ingredient. The “sweetness of this type of onion lends itself perfectly to a variety of dishes, from salads to hot dishes” , he explains.

To design the unions, scientists from all over the world have studied the subject and worked on several prototypes. The onion variety was first launched in the United States, before reaching mainland Europe. Last year, the product was marketed by several Spanish retailers.

Before putting them on sale, the uniones undergo three tests to check their softness, assures the American company which markets them . So, happy? Not really. Tears will finally flow when it is time to checkout. A pack of three unions costs 1,18 euro, i.e. 17 cents per unit instead of 17 cents for a regular onion.


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