Federal election 2021 in the news ticker: Habeck and Baerbock are planning “the largest climate package this country has ever seen”

Bundestag election 2017 in the news ticker: Habeck and Baerbock are planning “the largest climate package this country has ever seen”

Bundestag election 2017 in the news ticker: Citizens in Germany vote on 26. September a new Bundestag. The election campaign is now entering the hot phase. And again the plagiarism affair about Baerbock is fueled. All important information about the Bundestag election 2021 can be found here in the news ticker from FOCUS Online.

The Bundestag election in Germany will take place on 26. September instead of The Chancellor candidate Baerbock, Laschet and Scholz debate on 27. August on RTL “Biggest climate package this country has ever seen”: Baerbock wants climate protection ministry with right of veto Tuesday, August 3rd, 12. 44 Clock: In the event of a move into the government, the Greens leaders Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck have announced “the biggest climate package this country has ever seen”. This is what the top duo said when presenting the “immediate climate protection program”.

For example, a new climate protection ministry with a veto right is to be created. It should be able to prevent laws that are not in conformity with the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Greens also want to significantly accelerate the expansion of wind and solar energy. The coal exit should be on 2030 are preferred – so far this is for the latest 2038 planned. The investments for rail, local public transport and bicycle should already be in the federal budget 2022 increase. Essential points of the “immediate program” are already in the election manifesto of the Greens.

Greens in Saarland submit a complaint against a rejected state list 13. 28 Clock: The Saarland Greens filed a complaint against the rejection of their state list for the federal election on Monday. The federal electoral committee will decide this Thursday, said Green politician Lisa Becker from Blieskastel, who acts as the party’s confidante. “We hope that we will be heard and that our state list will still be approved.”

Without a state list, one could vote in the Bundestag election in Saarland on 26. September did not give a second vote for the Greens. At the Bundestag election 2017 had the Greens on the Saar 35. 113 Get second votes.

Becker said that she had submitted the complaint to the regional returning officer in Saarbrücken, who then passed it on to the federal returning officer. The state election committee in Saarland had not approved the state list of the Greens on Friday. This was justified with the exclusion of 44 Delegates from the Saarlouis local association at the assembly meeting of the list. This was a serious mistake and violates the principle of democracy.

According to Becker, the delegates were expelled after a decision by the Federal Arbitration Court of the Greens. The reason: The party court had found irregularities in the election of the delegates in the local association – and declared them to be ineffective. “We had no choice but to rely on federal arbitration,” said Becker. If we had resisted that, according to the federal statutes, we would have threatened to be expelled from the party. The Saarlouis delegates make up around a third of the delegates.

Saar Greens concerned about list debacle: “Can it cost us the candidacy for chancellor” 17. 58 Clock which The Saarland’s Greens list for the federal election was rejected by the state election committee. Now the decision lies with the federal electoral committee, reported the “Bild” -Newspaper. Should the list fail there too, it would be an embarrassment for the entire party. The acting state manager Nadja Doberstein even fears: “That could cost us the candidacy for chancellor.” The party has already filed a complaint. The decision must be made by August 5th.

The background is a serious dispute in the state party over the list. The first attempt was on 20. June the former state party leader Hubert Ulrich from Saarlouis was elected to first place and thus the top candidate of the Saar Greens. An arbitration tribunal then declared the choice of this list to be invalid because party members who were not entitled to vote had also voted. In addition, it saw a violation of the party’s women’s statute.

Before the second attempt at the list election, the Federal Arbitration Court of the Greens then had 49 Delegates from the Saarlouis local association excluded. The reason: The party court had found irregularities in the election of the delegates in the local association. The then on 15. The list drawn up in July with Jeanne Dillschneider at the top was not allowed by the state election committee.

Söder to the K question: “I would have probably won” 17. 36 PM: In the ZDF summer interview said CSU – Chef Markus Söder that he would probably have had a good chance if he were the candidate for chancellor Become a union. “I would probably have won, if I had had such a tough fight, I would have won just about. But that would not have been good for a good election campaign,” he stressed. Now he is “fine with it”, “it is finished”. In relation to the falling polls, Söder sees no mistake in himself: “I don’t think that’s my fault.” His personal values ​​are good.

In his view, because of its passive election campaign, the Union itself is responsible for its increasingly deteriorating survey results. As in football, it is advisable to “just storm again yourself and be a bit offensive,” said the Prime Minister in the ZDF summer interview. In the latest surveys, the Union only comes to values ​​between 26 and 28 percent, in the meantime she had more than 30 percent located.

Söder emphasized that he expected a more aggressive strategy for the election campaign in the coming weeks: “It has to come now.” In the assessment, there are no differences with the Union Chancellor candidate and CDU leader Armin Laschet: “We agree, we just need more speed and power,” said Söder.

His own role in the election campaign alongside Laschet sees him as a “driver”, said Söder. After the CDU and CSU were able to improve in the past weeks due to the mistakes of the others in the surveys, the Union is now back to the previous low level. His concern is that the “strange election campaign” will continue to ripple and that in the end the Union will not be strong and sovereign enough to form a government due to a lack of commitment.

Baerbock “hurts” her mistakes in the election campaign – she also wants gendered legal texts Sunday, August 1st, 07. 16 PM: The Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock has expressed herself critically about her mistakes in the federal election campaign. “Some things have suffered in the past few weeks because I didn’t do everything right and that hurts me a lot,” said Baerbock to the “Tagesspiegel” (Sunday edition). Regarding the allegations about her book “Now. How we renew our country”, she admitted: “I did not work precisely enough in some places.”

The criticism of her mistakes in the election campaign does not leave her indifferent, emphasized the top candidate. “There are good days and days when you think, man, could have gone better.” But for fear of further mistakes, Baerbock emphasized that she did not want to hide: “We are not robots. I make politics as a human being based on the reality of people’s lives. And I want to stay with that”.

The Greens had recently come under pressure because of a number of allegations against Baerbock. She had to postpone additional income late, and her résumé, which was published on the Internet, had to be corrected. Finally, a plagiarism hunter accused her of having taken passages from other sources in her recently published book without indicating this on. She also stated that if the election was successful, she wanted to ensure gender-equitable language in legal texts. “I want to make politics for all people and that means addressing everyone with – and not just mine,” said the party leader. Language can also exclude. Society must pay attention to this.

# Laschetkneift: CDU candidate for chancellor is for rejection of talk format for young people criticized 21. 37 PM: After the cancellation of a show format for the Chancellor candidates at ProSieben, a lot of criticism pelted at Armin Laschet. While Annalena Baerbock and Olaf Scholz will answer questions from ProSieben presenter Louis Klamroth and numerous citizens in September, the CDU – Chancellor candidate does not participate in the format. “We asked Armin Laschet and he canceled,” said a ProSieben spokeswoman on dpa request.

While a CDU spokesman reports that Laschet has already agreed to play a triell with Baerbock and Scholz, but ProSieben has canceled it The Munich broadcaster is referring to scheduling problems that would have prevented such a trial before the federal election.

On Twitter meanwhile is trending the hashtag #Laschetkneift, which was created in June. At that time, Laschet declined an invitation from Youtubers Rezo, who had once propagated the “destruction of the CDU”, and from Tilo Jung, who, together with “Zeit”, were planning a discussion format for a younger target group. Greens and SPD also agreed.

Now there is again a lot of criticism pelting the CDU chancellor candidate. “Armin Laschet has canceled talk shows for young people. If he is not interested in their concerns during the election campaign, he will do it even less as Chancellor,” writes one user.

“That # LaschetKneift is not surprising “, thinks another user and adds the explanation afterwards. “The man is a puppet of his” advisors “. If he does not know the questions, they cannot brief him.”

Other users also criticize Laschet’s alleged problems with speaking freely. “Why # LaschetKneift ? According to my observations he cannot speak spontaneously and freely. Without a script he gets into 0, nothing in the vortex, becomes irrelevant, helpless “, says one user and draws a clear conclusion. “Something like that is not good as a Chancellor!”

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