FC Nantes. “Seventh, it's crazy”

Antoine Kombouaré, the coach of FC Nantes, did not shy away from his pleasure after his family’s victory at Saint-Étienne ( 1-0), this Wednesday evening. Halfway through, the Yellows are 7th with 27 points. A fantastic start to the season for the Nantes coach.

Antoine Kombouaré, l’entraîneur du FC Nantes, n’imaginait pas son équipe être aussi bien classée à la trève.

Antoine Kombouaré, the coach of FC Nantes, could not imagine his team being so well classified at the break. | PHOTOPQR / LE PROGRES / MAXPPP / RÉMY PERRIN.

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It is a more than positive result, even beyond my expectations. I had imagined a certain number of points but we are above them. Seventh, it’s crazy. Well done to the players because they are responsible for this number of points and this ranking. We beat them up when things are not going well but when it does the job, we have to congratulate them. I am proud of my group, everything is fine. We must remain humble and not get carried away. We must not forget where we come from. Just a year ago, we had 12 points (but in 15 matches played). We have taken nine points over the last three games being in difficulty. There is a lot of satisfaction but there is also a lot of work to be done to correct, rectify and improve.

Lorient, the click

How do you explain your ability to now make a difference in the endgame?

We work a little. Much emphasis has been placed on mental endurance. By dint of discussion, work has entered the minds of the players. It is the most important. The desire to win, to do things together, to roll up our sleeves when we are in difficulty allows us to make such endings of matches. it’s even incredible. I think the detonator was the match in Lorient. We were really in trouble and Wylan Cyprien pulled off a feat. This is what gives us the confidence to overthrow Lens and win at Saint-Étienne tonight. We set in motion a dynamic of confidence, of mental endurance which says: “We are in difficulty but we continue to believe that in the end we will win. We know we have the weapons. And Alban is playing big games right now.

Today the FCN can aim for something other than maintenance?

You don’t hear what I’m telling you. Today, we are super happy but we do not forget where we come from that these are victories acquired in pain. There is not always control, attested by this second period, where it takes a great Alban to keep our goal untouched. These are signs that all of this is fragile. We will remain calm and humble and work to correct our shortcomings. We will also have to compensate for the departures of our Africans, who are important players, for the CAN. All this brings together, we know that it is fragile. You have to continue to work to have 29 points as quickly as possible. When we have that, we can consider something else. I have seen teams with 27 points at mid-season, be relegated at the end of the season. We are definitely not going to play that.

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FC Nantes. “Sevenths, it’s crazy” Ouest-France.fr

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