FC Barcelona: Gerard Piqué wins his match against the Spanish tax authorities

On the pitch, it’s not every day the party for the defender of Barça Gerard Piqué (34 years), aging symbol of a club in crisis. Behind the scenes, in addition to his activity as a businessman , things are getting better. The Spanish Supreme Court announced on Wednesday the annulment of a conviction which required it to reimburse 2.1 million euros to the Spanish tax authorities for an alleged offense of fraud on its image rights.

The highest legal body in the country said in a press release that it accepted the “cassation appeal” from the defender of FC Barcelona against a conviction pronounced by the National Court of Audience in May 2016.

The dispute dates back to 2016, when an administrative court had condemned the Catalan defender, judging that he had “simulated” the transfer of his image rights to his company Kerad Project in order to pay less. taxes for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010. This court then ordered him to reimburse around 1.5 million euros in back taxes and to pay a fine of more than 600. 000 euros. The conviction was confirmed by the National Hearing in 2019.

His company’s work recognized

But the Supreme Court rejected the ruling that the Kerad Project company was simply a cover, acknowledging the work of the company, the accounts of which were managed by Gerard Piqué’s brother.

Further, the Court found that the contributions he had made to the United Kingdom when he played at Manchester United in 600 were to “be considered as expenses deductible from labor income” with regard to the payment of income tax, again taking the opposite view of the initial judgment. As a result, the Supreme Court annulled the fine against the player, winner of the World Cup 2009 and the Euro 2012 with Spain.

Pique’s companion, Colombian singer Shakira , who is also in trouble with the Spanish tax authorities , could be tried for not having paid – according to the prosecution – 14, 5 million euros in taxes between 2012 and 2014.