Fans demand Andrew Garfield to return as Spider-Man

Before Tom Holland, two other actors have already played Spider-Man on screen: Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The first wore the costume in three films against two for the second.

Well, originally, Andrew Garfield was to return as Spidey in a third installment of “The Amazing Spider -Man ”, but the project was abandoned by Sony. Instead, Spider-Man eventually joined the MCU as a new actor.

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Yes, but there you go, with “Spider-Man No Way Home” which comes from going out to the movies, many fans were struck with nostalgia. And for several days, many of them demand the return of Andrew Garfield for a third film devoted to the adventures of his Spider-Man.

Fans start a petition!

For those who haven’t seen the MCU’s third Spider-Man movie yet, you might want to skip reading, as the rest of this article contains crispy spoilers!

Spider-Man No Way Home can boast a whole bunch of people highlights, but if there’s one that made fans scream, it’s when Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire landed in the movie! The three Spider-Man reunited in the same feature film, if it is not epic!

This turnaround so hoped by the fans has rekindled the nostalgia among many of them . Especially with regard to Andrew Garfield, whose story as Spider-Man ended far too abruptly to the liking of supporters of the character.

This is how a hashtag # MakeTASM3 was launched on social networks a few days ago , with already more than 180 000 tweets posted. The fans are really numerous to want the return of Andrew Garfield, arguing that The Amazing Spider-Man deserves a third installment (and even more if affinities!)

Garfield in Sony’s spider-verse?

There are already many rumors about Sony’s plans for its own spider -verse and therefore Spider-Man. Thanks to No Way Home

and the notion of the multiverse, society production can perfectly integrate a Spider-Man into his franchise without this interfering with the MCU.

Remember that the reality in which Venom, but also Morbius, is not the same as the MCU. But what exactly does Andrew Garfield have to do with it? Well, some have had fun picking up the clues on the side of Sony’s spider-verse and everything suggests that the universe of Venom and Morbius is the same as that of Garfield’s Peter Parker!

Just in the Morbius trailer for example, the clues are scattered all over the place, casually: newspaper clippings mention the “disappearance” of Spider-Man (Peter with the costume hung up for five months after the death of Gwen). Spider-Man graffiti crossed out with the word “murderer” (Garfield’s Spider-Man had confided not to hold back his blows after Gwen’s death, he could well have killed some of his opponents?). And finally, an OSCORP building that really looks a lot like the one in The Amazing Spider-Man movies!

Everything therefore suggests that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is indeed that of the spider-verse that Sony is developing little by little (with the Venom films and soon Morbius, but also Kraven the Hunter and maybe also a solo movie with Electro). The fans are obviously impatient to know more! The idea is so appealing! Especially since Garfield wouldn’t say no to slip into the Spider-Man costume again. To be continued.

Andrew Garfield did an incredible job in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise and it has always bothered me that his performance was so overlooked.

He deserves the chance to end his Spidey’s story in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. # MakeTASM3

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