Family and friends of Laynee Westbrook are desperate for answers as their search for the 41-year-old Washington woman enters its fourth month.

“It’s been 116 days and we still don’t have answers,” Laynee’s sister-in-law, Emily Pepper, told Dateline. “We have nothing, nothing that could lead us to Laynee.”

Laynee Westbrook

Laynee has been missing since September 10, 2020. According to her family, Laynee and her beloved dog, a rat terrier named “Precious,” were seen on security video at 7:11 p.m. leaving the San Juan Motel in Anacortes, Washington, and getting into a white Dodge Ram truck with a man she knew. Laynee, who works at Safeway, had been living at the motel long-term since July, her family said.

She was seen again a short time later, at 7:30 p.m., at the Chevron gas station next to the Swinomish Casino with the same man. Her sister-in-law Emily told Dateline that the man stated that he had picked her up and they went to a nearby campground where he had been staying. He reportedly then dropped Laynee off between 2 and 3 a.m. at Causland Memorial Park, which is about two blocks from the motel.

On September 13, Laynee’s mother, Barb, got a call from the motel. They were trying to reach Laynee because she hadn’t paid rent and no one had seen or heard from her in several days.

“It dawned on Barb that she hadn’t talked to her in a few days, so she started to panic,” Emily said. “She called her, and we all called her, but no one could get a hold of her.”

Laynee’s mother reported her missing to the Anacortes Police Department.

Captain Dave Floyd told Dateline that the case is an open and active investigation and that detectives are sifting through and following up on all tips they receive.

“We received an overwhelming amount of tips early on,” Capt. Floyd said. “That has slowed some, but we’re going through the steps and slowly making progress. We’re always open to tips that may lead to finding Laynee. No matter how big or small… it’s important.”

In the days after Laynee disappeared, her family and friends began their own investigation by piecing together a timeline leading up to her disappearance. Her sister-in-law, along with her childhood best friend, Michelle Hanson, set up search parties, spoke to witnesses and provided information to detectives.

“Campers who were at the campground the night she went missing had called the ranger to report two people arguing over a missing dog,” Emily said. “Something happened that night. She’s missing. Her dog is missing. She never made it back to the motel.”

Laynee’s beloved dog, Precious.

Captain Floyd told Dateline he couldn’t elaborate on some of the details of what happened on September 10, 2020, but confirmed that there has been no activity on Laynee’s cell phone or her bank account since she used her debit card on the day she was last seen.

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