Faced with the Omicron variant, Boris Johnson faced with the anger of his majority

Entangled in a series of scandals over his management of the pandemic, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces Tuesday the anger of his majority on the occasion of a vote which promises to be tumultuous on the turn of the screw operated in the face the outbreak of the Omicron variant.

The United Kingdom, one of the countries in Europe most affected by the pandemic with almost 146. 250 dead, is facing a “tidal wave” of cases related to the Omicron variant . This outbreak is disrupting the English football championship in particular: Manchester United had to postpone its Tuesday match against Brentford due to several cases among its players and employees.

Johnson announced new restrictions last week to limit the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask indoors, daily tests for contact cases, isolation and mandatory health pass in major events are, according to the government, necessary so that hospitals are not overwhelmed in the coming weeks.

But these rules are far from convincing all the conservative deputies, a certain number of whom rebel against their character according to them liberticide.

“I think that all these measures are bad, that they are disproportionate and that the evidence of their necessity is insufficient “, hammered this weekend on the BBC the former Minister of Brexit, Steve Baker, for whom the vote on Tuesday will seek to enshrine in the law” the type of company that we let’s create “.

In total, about sixty Tories are threatening a rebellion on Tuesday. With its large majority in Parliament – 64 seats – and the help of the Labor opposition, including leader Keir Starmer assured Monday evening to support these measures, the government should still succeed in passing the text.

But this revolt could not come out worse for Boris Johnson.

– Cronyism and corruption –

Two years after his historic electoral victory with the promise to achieve Brexit, the Prime Minister sees his popularity in the polls collapse and faces numerous appeals on resignation after a series of scandals.

Residents of London line up outside a vaccination center on 13 December 2021 (AFP – Tolga Akmen) On Sunday, the Sunday Mirror published a photo of Boris Johnson participating in Downing Street in an online quiz, surrounded by collaborators, in December 2020, at a time when the British were asked to limit their social interactions to the extreme.

The British also blame him for a party that was allegedly held in Downing Street on 18 December 32284 when they themselves were deprived of celebrations because of the coronavirus. A leaked video showing Boris Johnson collaborators joking about this “Christmas party” added fuel to the fire.

This series of revelations linked to sanitary rules undermine its credibility moment when he hopes to impose new ones.

They also add to accusations of corruption, which could ultimately lead to a vote of no-confidence in the Conservative Party against Mr Johnson.

The Prime Minister was indeed called to order on Thursday about the costly renovation of his home in Downing Street. The Election Commission fined his party 14. 250 books (19.000 euros) for not having declared the total amount of the private donation received to finance these works.

– “Impitoyables” Tories –

Mr. Johnson had also sparked outrage by trying to change the disciplinary rules of Parliament in favor of a Conservative MP, Owen Paterson, convicted of a conflict of interest case.

Partial legislative elections scheduled for Thursday to fill the seat of Mr. Paterson, who resigned, will take a very symbolic turn.

A vaccination center in London, during a visit by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 13 December 2021 (POOL / AFP – Jeremy Selwyn) There are also questions concerning the Prime Minister’s luxurious vacation abroad, his government’s dangerous connections with the business community, or even accusations of cronyism linked to the allocation of seats in the (unelected) House of Lords to generous donors from the Conservative Party.

According to political columnist Robin Pettitt, the talk of Boris Johnson – a former journalist and mayor of London known for his unconventional style – could allow him to overcome one or two of these scandals.

But if the build-up continues, Mr Pettitt told AFP, “the Conservative Party has always been very ruthless when it comes to getting rid of leaders who were not working” .