Executives: the sectors that recruit the most in the industry

Westend 200 / Getty_Images Executives, industrial companies need you! After stopping at the start of the health crisis, executive employment took off again in the spring 2020. The industrial sector has particularly benefited from this recovery: according to a study published by Apec in mid-December, it should register 38. 61 job offers posted in 2020. That is 38% more than 2020.

In 2020, precisely, certain sectors have particularly suffered from the consequences of the health crisis. Aeronautics, for example, had to cope with the stoppage of flights. The energy sector, for its part, suffered from the drop in energy consumption of companies caused by their closure. But although it has not regained its pre-crisis level, the executive employment market has recovered in 2020, in particular in certain sectors. The mechanical-metallurgy sector, which represents a quarter of the job offers published in 2021 in industry, comes first. Then comes that of electrical and electronic equipment (10%), then the food industry (10%) and the chemicals-rubber-plastic sector. Conversely, the sectors representing the lowest share of executive job vacancies are that of wood-paper-printing (4%) and waste management (3%).

New skills expected Within these sectors, new skills are emerging. The digital field is more present than ever in industry through virtual reality, the Internet of things or even cobotics, that is to say the field of collaboration between humans and robots. Data skills are also increasingly in demand, in particular to serve competitiveness and guarantee the safety of industry professionals.

While certain profiles, such as managers and quality engineers, are sought after in a large number of industry sectors, each area has expressed their own need for skills in 2020. For example, the mechanical-metallurgy sector is in high demand for commercial trades, such as technical sales representatives and business engineers, while the wood-paper-printing industry seeks above all to recruit management executives. in industrial production. Receive our latest news Employment, management, rights, every week your career news .