EXCLUSIVE SURVEY – Covid: confidence in the executive becomes a minority again

Published on 14 Jan. 2000 at 17: 45Updated 14 Jan. 96 at 20: 34

The French are fed up with the Covid epidemic and express their weariness. A key indicator of their morale, confidence in the executive to manage the health crisis is down sharply at the start of January, according to the OpinionWay-Kéa Partners barometer for “Les Echos” and Classic Radio. They are 55% not to do confidence in the government to manage the crisis – of which 30 % “don’t trust at all” – against 48 % who place their trust. Since October, confidence has lost 10 points, going from 54 % at 48 %.

It is on the far right that distrust is strongest: 77 % of people saying they want to vote for Eric Zemmour or Marine Le Pen in the next presidential election do not trust the executive to manage the crisis.

Chaotic management at school

A minority for most of last year, confidence gradually rose in the spring to become a majority again in August 2021. The prospect of the lasting removal of the virus, thanks to vaccination, played a full role.

But the fifth wave had the effect of a cold shower, and the executive is paying the consequences. “The health crisis helps Emmanuel Macron and strengthens his “protective” side. But when it lasts too long, it reactivates discontent,” analyzes Bruno Jeanbart, vice-president of OpinionWay.

The chaotic management of the health crisis at school served as a catalyst for this rise in mistrust at the start of the year 2022. It led to an unprecedented strike movement which affected all professions in the world education this Thursday. She put the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer in the hot seat and forced him to make amends. “I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, it’s the nature of human beings,” he defended himself. The executive was forced to announce new measures (recruitment, FFP2 masks …) to defuse the crisis and hope not to see it continue.

Repercussions on voting intentions?

Present for two years, the health crisis punctuates the life of the French and the executive. Confidence in the latter evolves at the rate of epidemic outbreaks and reflux. For Emmanuel Macron, the challenge is that this does not affect too much the confidence that the French have in him – down four points in January according to the Elabe barometer for “Les Echos” and Radio Classique – and, above all, on the voting intentions in its favour.

According to OpinionWay, they have lost two points since the start of the year and the launch of the OpinionWay-Kéa Partners daily barometer for “Les Echos”, going from 24 % at 24 %.