Excitement about image detail: Berlin Greens cut men out of photo

Here still cropped: The Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock (2nd from right) and the Berlin candidate Bettina Jarasch (m) with other women in the version spread by the Greens

Photo: Green Center / Twitter Women must become more visible in politics: The Berlin Greens have now implemented this – but by making men less visible in a photo. The photo shows, among other things, Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock and the top candidate for the Berlin House of Representatives election, Bettina Jarasch, alongside other women. The Greens from Berlin-Mitte shared it on Twitter.

However: In the original photo, the women’s group is left and right of framed several men. They were cut away for distribution on Twitter. The Berlin Greens had planned the post as an attack on the Union and wrote: “While old men huddle together again in the group photos of the Union …”

The cut caused a debate in dealing with equality. Many accused the Greens of being “hostile to men”. The Berlin Greens finally restricted the comment function under the tweet – and added a explanation : »The tweet should highlight how these people stood next to each other for a moment yesterday. Nobody should be hidden with it. The tweet is simply not about those around it. «

The green direct candidate for Berlin-Gesundbrunnen, Tuba Bozkurt, finally tweeted the uncut original:

In the opposite direction, there had already been a similar debate last year about a photo of “Fridays for Future”. Several climate activists had traveled to the World Economic Forum in Davos, and a group photo showed the young women from all over the world. The AP news agency then distributed a version in which Vanessa Nakate from Uganda was cut off . The agency had to apologize after accusations of racism.

» Time to question his backward-looking worldview « In the new debate about the green Photo also resonates allegations of racism – after all, men with non-German roots were cut away. The politicians include Ario Mirzaie, direct candidate in Wedding, Taylan Kurt, direct candidate for Moabit and Jian Omar, direct candidate for the Tiergarten district.

Kurt described the excitement about his cutting out on Twitter as exaggerated. And rejected racism allegations. Anyone who turns it into a “state affair” “should question his backward-looking worldview”.

Top place actually only for women Already in the Saarland state association it was recently to Differences about the gender issue came. First of all, the Greens wanted with Hubert Ulrich start the race in first place on the list. This had been criticized internally, among other things because the list violated the women’s statute of the party – because according to this, the top position is actually reserved for women.

In a short term convened Another vote, from which the arbitral tribunal had excluded the local association of the candidate Ulrich, then won the 25 – years old Jeanne Dillschneider , who should now also be on the country list. The Federal Returning Officer has now rejected the state list of the Saar Greens. If it stays that way, the Greens in Saarland for the Bundestag election no list for the Offer second vote .

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