Everything changes for these tolls in 2024, to the happiness of motorists

On the sections of motorway A 13 and A 14, between Paris and Normandy, a new full-scale test will be installed at the tolls. High places of heavy traffic jams on weekends, the Société des autoroutes du nord et de l’Est de la France (Sanef) announced in a press release the end of barriers and traditional gates. From now on, motorists will not have to stop or slow down at the tolls. Whether they subscribe to electronic toll collection or not.

Motorway tolls of tomorrow

The total investment is estimated at

million euros and will ultimately lead to the destruction of all current barriers. The first installations will be operational in 2024 and the end of the work is announced for 2027. La Sanef, relayed by Capital , reminded that a major part of the funds invested will be recovered via a price increase of around 0, 22% for 3 years, from February 1 2022.

If we will no longer need to stop, and traffic at the toll can be carried out at normal speed, it will be thanks to a state-of-the-art device combining detection of sensors and cameras to “identify the vehicle” . Electronic toll subscribers will be automatically recognized (we do not know, however, whether the small electronic toll box will still be necessary) and motorists who prefer to pay without a subscription will be able to pay the amount by phone, online or at a physical terminal. The Norman installations will not be a first, however. A similar device appeared in March 2019 at the Boulay-Moselle interchange on the A4 motorway. Abroad, our British, Irish, Norwegian and Swedish neighbors are also adopting this technology. For Sanef, it will be “time savings, fuel savings and reductions in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere” . It is therefore not for nothing that we call this technology “free flow” (free flow ”in French).

As for the APRR (Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône), time is running out and the company wishes to offer its own free flow system l ‘next year. It will be set up on the A motorway 71, with six gantries in all, at the junction with the A motorway 71. Finally, in 2023, it’s on the access ramp to the A 13 N, from the Chambéry expressway, that new gantries will also be installed. A deployment that we hope will be rapid and which will allow us to radically modify our experience during travel and when going on vacation.