“Everyone in the kitchen”: Cyril Lignac plans a big surprise for his return to M6


All in the kitchen will be back at the reentry on M6. Cyril Lignac will therefore relight his stoves every night of the week. But for this new season, the chef has decided to leave his home and move to a totally different place. During the first containment which started in March 2020, it’s the show that caught everyone by surprise and broke all audience curves. By bringing together more than two million followers every night of the week on M6, Tous en cuisine was THE television success that no one expected. A concept in which Cyril Lignac offers the French to learn to cook with what is left in the cupboards! Accompanied by the host Jérôme Anthony, celebrities and families who have stayed at home, the Aveyronnais prepares two recipes of his invention live every evening and gives his precious advice on how to reproduce them at home. If it is not always easy to remain serious in front of the pranks of his sidekick or sometimes of his guests, it is sometimes even more difficult to respect the special conditions of the live. A challenge for Cyril Lignac who must entertain and transmit his knowledge in just minutes and from his home. Because the famous chef uses his own stoves for the filming of the show.

All in the kitchen moved to a famous Parisian location

But for the start of the school year 2020, Cyril Lignac will no longer have his personal scouring stoves since the former Top Chef juror will no longer cook from his home. Indeed, the inappropriate logistics for such a shoot forced the production to relocate the shooting of the show. “Initially, it was very simple but with the new lights and the various elements, it became more sophisticated. At the moment, it’s my apartment, it’s not the La Plaine Saint-Denis studio! It was no longer viable. “, confided Sophie Marceau’s ex to Figaro in mid-July. From now on, the program will be shot from the roof of the City Hall Bazaar (better known as BHV). Cyril Lignac will therefore be keen to learn all his cooking skills surrounded by vegetable gardens and the Parisian sky. Jérôme Anthony is also backing up for a new season and will travel the roads of France, looking, we imagine, for new pranks and other disguises to play the clown.

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