Eruption in Tonga: Tsunami warning on the California coast, floods in Hawaii

Homepage World DISASTER A volcano erupted on Friday in the Tonga Islands, causing minor flooding in Hawaii

XR with AFP Twitter Published on 16/ 01/22 at 20h32 — Updated 16/ 01/22 at 20h32

Satellite image of the eruption. — EPN/Newscom/ SIPA Tsunami warnings were issued on Saturday morning for the west coast of the United States, Hawaii having already been affected by “minor flooding”, after the eruption of a volcano on Friday in the archipelago of the Tonga Islands, according to the American meteorological services.

“Leave the beaches, ports and marinas” in the areas concerned, recommends the National Weather Service, which specifies with “relief” that the American islands of Hawaii did not report damage and did not suffered only minor flooding.

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