Epic Games made the game free, priced at £ 17

Games offered for free for a short time via the Epic Store have the Fall in our corner today. The game, which costs $ 17, is offered for free on the Epic Store for a period of time. We tell you what you need to do to add the game to your library.
Epic Games has announced it will offer some games for free every week through an event it launched last year. It was said that this campaign would continue until early 2021, but this was not the case. Epic Games continues to offer some games for free.

Game type: strategy, puzzle
Game size: 530 MB
Price: £ 17.00
Free time: 1 Week from 18.03.2021
In this game, we play the armor worn by the character we see on the screen. Basically, as an artificial intelligence with no clear boundaries, we are trying to save the pilot inside the armor. Because he is unconscious, and it is up to us to save him.

Although we often have to solve puzzles in the game, there are also sections where we dive into the action. This interesting game, where we can see the difference in being artificial intelligence on another planet in general, is an ideal alternative, especially for those looking for something different to play with.

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