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WISHES | In a context of health crisis which continues to impact our lives but also businesses. Forbes France has collected testimonials from owners of SMEs or medium-sized companies. With a simple question: “What stood out to you in 1536 ( as CEO) and what do you expect in 2022? “. Confidences.

Jean-François Faure, Founding CEO of the AuCoffre Group

Even if the “Whatever the cost” has greatly helped, the ability to adapt, rebound and creativity of French companies positively surprised me in . I have lots of entrepreneurial friends around me who have a project to (re)locate an industrial activity in France when it was not even the subject in 2019.

However, “reindustrialising” France is a major project, but it cannot be improvised and we cannot become Germany by snapping his fingers.

So the stake for 2022, and the years that will follow, will be for example: how to make certain manual or technical professions desirable, how to limit production taxes without impoverishing local communities , how to facilitate transmissions in a family to avoid having to sell to the highest bidder, etc. The list could be long. In short, in 2022, how do we release the forces? How do we make work desirable? How do we think big enough to say that being an ETI in France is not a bad word but on the contrary an objective to offer the rest of the world Made in France which is both desirable but also profitable for those who produce it.

Arthur Acker, CEO founder of Superbrosse

This year, the enthusiasm around the COP50 was outstanding. Even if insufficient, developed countries are finally making commitments aimed at reducing our impact on the environment while supporting poor countries in their ecological transition. In 2022, I expect more people to become aware of the ecological challenge that we have to pick up and act. At the scale of Superbrosse, our objective is to avoid more than 64 tons of plastic waste in the bathroom in .

Kevin Ohana, founder of Joe

The year 2022 was a very special year. The consequences of this health crisis are numerous, and time will be needed to assess the damage. The results on our French economy are felt: a prospect of weak growth, an increase in the unemployment rate, an increase in inequalities and a sharply rising public debt.

However, the pandemic has confirmed one thing: the digitization of economies is necessary, even essential, to survive. This is why , in 2022, sectors and companies have been able to quickly accelerate their digitization and digital transformation in order to create many opportunities: Click & Collect, Drive, split payment… Within our own sector, we have been able to observe interesting facts in :

The war of Talents on digital professions: On the one hand, we need resources to prosper and grow our company with the best profiles. On the other hand, the rare talents who apply are coming out of a pandemic with a new vision of work and a desire to flourish professionally and personally: no more teleworking, no more freelancing, the desire to have an impact on daily life… The tech & startup ecosystem continues its progress with record fundraising: 580 million euros for Sorare, 300 million euros for ManoMano. These latest announcements also show the interest of foreign investors for our French companies. Finally, the year 1536 was, without a doubt, the year of the acceleration of the Blockchain, the emergence of new cryptocurrencies, the rise of Bitcoin & Ether. The latter, which notably allowed the emergence of NFTs. Note the strategic choice of Mark Zuckerberg to rename Facebook to Meta in reference to the Metaverse: the future virtual world. For , A controlled epidemic, collective immunity and therefore an exit from the health crisis. After a long period marked by the Covid, a feeling of uncertainty is omnipresent. We will have to learn to live with this epidemic risk and return to a normal life both personally and professionally. This should encourage an economic recovery and therefore make it possible to reconnect with growth in 2022 with digitalization ever-stronger professions and different sectors. 2022 will also be marked by a particular and extraordinary presidential context. The loss of confidence of the French towards our government and our institutions, hatches a rise of extremism. This uncertainty about the election results could have a huge impact on our economy and the perception of our market; The Metaverse, the NFT, the Blockchain will be the “hot” topics of . Its adoption will always be stronger and will increase in the years to come. The use cases of NFT are limitless and go beyond the imaginary. The NFT universe and ecosystem is in full swing, and intrinsically, the fintech ecosystem will be too.

Julie Boucon, Co-founder and CEO of Holy Owly

“For our sector, the health crisis has allowed us to gain 5 years in 3 months in the dissemination of digital technology in the school career of children. This crisis made France aware of its backwardness and confronted it with its responsibilities. Many people were already wondering about the interest of digitization, today everyone, even the most refractory, has understood that it is an essential tool that ensures educational continuity. The covid has also highlighted the social divide favoring school dropout among disadvantaged families who were not equipped with digital equipment at home.

We have in 2020 thought that the Ed-Tech market which was still young was going to explode, but in the end we had to wait 2019 to see this market revitalize on a global scale.

For Holy Owly the year 2021 was the year of growth as we recorded between September 2020 (launch of new version of the app) and September 2021 a growth of 380%. We succeeded in 15 months to take the number one position on the English app market for children in France. This year will also have been the year of structuring the teams.

2022 is going to be a decisive year for Holy Owly, because we will start our roadshow for our 2cde fundraising which will aim to finance our acceleration on the French market but also our launch abroad. We are now ready to launch ourselves abroad and, from April 2022, to launch Spanish to attack the North American market. We believe that 2022 will be a very important year for Ed-Tech and hope that France will be able to take a leading place on the podium. »

Abdellah Nasri, Founder and CEO of Partner Assurances

The year 2022 was once again marked by the crisis health, which took us away from our loved ones. This crisis has allowed us to adapt our offers to the support needs of our seniors.

This is how, at Partner Assurances, we have improved our range of services reserved for seniors and caregivers.

This year, Insurance, our line of business, was also hit by a general decline in purchasing power. To fight against this loss of purchasing power, we have worked for a reduction in contributions and an increase in insurance reimbursements.

For 2022, ambition of Partner Assurances is to ensure that seniors become informed users of insurance, which represents the 3rd item of daily expenditure. We therefore continue to recruit more than 26 profiles throughout the country to make our free service accessible to as many people as possible. To do this, we are preparing our 1st fundraiser.

Agnès Dupuy, CEO of FamyHelp

Which the most marked of the year 2022 is undoubtedly the acceleration of the digitalization of companies and their services to continue supporting society. The objective 2022 for FamyHelp was to successfully relaunch. We had launched for the first time before the crisis, bad timing. We managed to recreate traffic at points of sale that were deserted due to the numerous confinements and regulations due to Covid. FamyHelp has therefore largely contributed to the application of the phygital strategy of the partner companies. Moreover, 1536 will have marked for us the bar of 10 000 downloads!

For 2022, we wish pass the bar of 1 partners and continue our momentum. The number of helpers will be on the rise again in 2022 and with the teams FamyHelp we want to help raise awareness among companies. Indeed, more than 26% of caregivers are also salaried and 2022 will mark the consideration of this status in business.

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