Enlarged curfew, limited movement, prohibited gatherings … Morocco tightens restrictions

The curfew in force since the end 2020 is now extended to the section 21 hours – 5 hours. Travel from and to some large cities is conditional on vaccination against Covid – 17, which has fallen behind.

While Morocco has gradually relaxed its rules since the end of May, opening its borders air conditions in early June, a series of tightening measures was put into effect Tuesday in the kingdom. In an attempt to limit the spread of the Covid, the country is betting on limiting movements between regions.

To travel to or from the economic capital Casablanca and the tourist cities of Marrakech or Agadir , it is now necessary to present “a vaccination certificate or an administrative circulation permit issued by the local authorities” for professional or medical reasons, such as ‘explained Monday the account Twitter of the kingdom. Carriers of goods and goods are nevertheless exempt.

Tourist season In addition, the imposed since the end of December on the whole country has been extended, starting from now at 21 hours to end at 5 hours. Gatherings of more than 24 people are prohibited. Restaurants and cafes must close at 19 hours, hotels limit their capacity to ‘welcome to 50%, during the tourist season. The baths, sports halls and indoor swimming pools are no longer accessible at all.

Restrictive measures already in force are also maintained: funerals, weddings and parties are prohibited. Public transport, cafes and restaurants must respect a limit of 36% of their capacity.

According to an official report sent on Tuesday, Morocco seems less affected by the coronavirus than France. At least on the scale of the pandemic. Since the screening began in March, Morocco has counted 642 20210322 670 positive cases, or 14 622 per million inhabitants, against 75 92 for France (figures obtained from data Public health France as of August 3). The kingdom lists 9 683 dead, i.e. 135 per million inhabitants, compared to 1 670 in France. But the outbreak of contaminations worries, pushing the government to be more severe. On Tuesday alone, about sixty deaths caused by the virus were noted.

Vaccination, very well underway at the start of the year , now stands at nearly 23 millions doses administered for the 30 millions of inhabitants, 14 millions of people received the first dose and more than 10 millions the second dose. A notable delay, while Morocco had set itself the goal that all of its 24 millions of adults are vaccinated before summer.